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What About Mrs. Smith's Dog, Gypsy?

Consider this ethical conundrum and tell us what you would recommend.

Mrs. Smith is a single pensioner living in rural British Columbia, Canada.  Her dog, Gypsy, is a feisty Australian Blue Heeler. 284 more words


Studies Suggest Marijuana Availability Decreases Violent Crime

Studies Suggest Marijuana Availability Decreases Violent Crime : Natural Society.


Elizabeth Renter
April 17th, 2014

Proponents on the expensive and ineffective War on Drugs would have you believe marijuana is bad, so bad in fact that it can drive people to commit crime. 494 more words


Illinois Medical Marijuana Rules Drop Gun Language

CHICAGO (AP) – Illinois regulators crafting the first rules for the state’s new medical marijuana industry have lowered patient fees and deleted a section that angered gun owners. 401 more words


Why I probably won't be mad if Liam grows up and tries marijuana

Like I do every weekend morning I found Karin and Liam asleep in Liam’s bed last Saturday morning when I woke up. Unfortunately it had only been a short while after they had finally drifted off. 1,086 more words

Special Needs

Billionaire George Soros Behind Major Drive For Pot Legalization -- RT USA

A couple of weeks back I had my first encounter meeting some one who had relocated his family to Colorado because of medicinal pot. This guy, a professing Christian, told me his story of being so ill with intestinal problems and nausea, he couldn’t… 577 more words


Day 16 Cannabis Service Month: Collie-rado & Washington plus…?


“Legalize it, I will advertise it.” Two states down, 48 to go.

  • 48. Idaho
  • 49. Wyoming
  • 50. Utah

The prohibition against Cannabis is much like saying the earth is flat. 810 more words

An Update on Medical Marijuana in Iowa

You may remember the issue of medical marijuana in Iowa from a previous post. I just got an update on the issue in an e-mail message from the Iowa Medical Society (IMS) recently, 1,213 more words