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AFO Or No?

I don’t remember getting my first AFOs. That’s how long I’ve worn at least one AFO. I’ve had periods where I’ve been completely AFO-free (high school & college mostly) but I’ve had some kind of bracing more than I’ve not had it. 828 more words


Thoughts on the low FODMAP diet

I haven’t quite abandoned the low FODMAP diet but I know it hasn’t worked for me. Briefly, for those unfamiliar with FODMAPs, they are types of carbohydrate that aren’t digested well, if at all, by the body but are feasted on by bacteria. 1,368 more words


Losing my sanity

On three or four occasions recently I’ve found myself crying over how bad my symptoms have become. I think it’s out of sheer despair. Despair over how my symptoms continue to get worse. 1,040 more words