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Attempted manslaughter charge for pregnant alcoholic.

It was reported last week that a council had brought a case against a girl who drank heavily during her pregnancy causing her baby to be born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. 223 more words

Hope for spinal injury patients.

Most cells in the body have the capacity to repair and renew. If you injure your skin, you will usually heal. However muscle and nerve cells are unable to repair and replace… 299 more words

Airport screening for Ebola

 A man sneezed on a plane in the US and joked ‘Don’t worry it’s only Ebola.’ This caused a major incident . In Texas, a man with Ebola who had just come from an affected African country was sent home from hospital and told he had a cold even though he explained where he was from and of his fear that his fever was due to Ebola .   282 more words

Diabetes - A Cure at Last!

The Times’ headline on Friday ran ‘Diabetes a cure at last!’ However the press often exaggerates or misunderstands. What really does this breakthrough really mean? 636 more words

Ethical issue of the week - Abortion

I enjoyed the article

 ‘Men deserve everything women get: waiting periods, purity control and science-free sex education’ http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/06/men-women-waiting-periods-science-free-sex-education. A tongue in cheek account that highlighted some of the problems surrounding attitudes to sexuality in the Guardian.However the good news is that… 461 more words

Ethical Scenario of the Week - Should childhood vaccinations be made compulsory? -Answer


It is Autumn and GPs surgeries everywhere are going to be busy vaccinating. As well as normal childhood immunisations and seasonal flu we are vaccinating pregnant mums against Whooping Cough. 937 more words