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The Jehovah's Witness Boy- answer

You are a doctor responsible for the care of a 13 year old boy whose parents are Jehovah’s Witness Church members. Your patient is severely anaemic and you would normally recommend a blood transfusion. 470 more words

Topical Issue of the Week - Ashya King -what rights do parents have over their children's medical treatment?

The story of Ashya King has been widely reported by the press this week. The severely ill, five year old boy was taken from his hospital bed while being treated for a brain tumour. 179 more words

MMI Interviews: A Brief Overview

Hi Everyone!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. I’m sorry about that. Also, if you’ve e-mailed me, please be patient with me. I’ve been just running around like a chicken without a head on. 442 more words

Medical School Application Process

Interview Tips for Medschool Applicants

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Just finishing up the second week of medical school, it’s been a really busy week. I have a test coming up on Monday, we’re covering a semester (or quarter) of histology within a week — though, we’ll revisit it again in more depth next year. 1,879 more words


Medical School Interviews

The season for medical school interviews is quickly approaching. If you have completed your secondary medical school application and been offered an interview, then congratulations! Schools don’t typically bring you in for an interview unless they are strongly considering your candidacy. 526 more words


Ethical Issue Of The Week - Should the NHS Fund Surgery For The Obese ?

Some people argue that those who take risks with their health by over eating and poor life style choices should not expect the tax payer to pay for the consequences of their choices. 450 more words