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Interview Tips for Medschool Applicants

Hello All,

Just finishing up the second week of medical school, it’s been a really busy week. I have a test coming up on Monday, we’re covering a semester (or quarter) of histology within a week — though, we’ll revisit it again in more depth next year. 1,879 more words


Medical School Interviews

The season for medical school interviews is quickly approaching. If you have completed your secondary medical school application and been offered an interview, then congratulations! Schools don’t typically bring you in for an interview unless they are strongly considering your candidacy. 526 more words


Ethical Issue Of The Week - Should the NHS Fund Surgery For The Obese ?

Some people argue that those who take risks with their health by over eating and poor life style choices should not expect the tax payer to pay for the consequences of their choices. 450 more words

Topical Issue of the Week - Assisted suicide

On Friday The House of Lords will debate a bill that will legalise assisted suicide for a small number of people with less than a predicted six months to live. 817 more words

Topical issue of the week - Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance has been in the news. It is perhaps a far greater threat than the terrorist threat. It is already estimated to cause 5,000 deaths a year in Britain. 1,077 more words