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The High Court Judge Rules That Jehovah's Witness Boy Be Given A Transfusion Against Parent's Wishes.

A high court judge has ruled that a Jehovah Witness boy be given a blood transfusion despite religious objections from his parents.

Mr Justice Moylan was told that the ‘very young boy’ had suffered severe burns and would probably need a blood transfusion. 664 more words

Telomeres and possible eternal youth.

Telomeres are protective caps found on DNA strands. These are stretches of DNA which protect our genetic code. They are often compared to the tips on shoelaces as they stop chromosomes from fraying and unravelling and keep the code stable. 323 more words

Health Secretary takes children to A and E to avoid wait for doctor.

Just as a wave of  A and E departments issued alerts over overwhelming demand and local health agencies spent thousands asking people NOT to go to A and E… 515 more words

The interviews have started - Liverpool and Cardiff

Liverpool interviews consisted last year of a 15 min -30 min panel interview with two people drawn from academic university staff, GPs and local NHS trusts. 384 more words

Attempted manslaughter charge for pregnant alcoholic.

It was reported last week that a council had brought a case against a girl who drank heavily during her pregnancy causing her baby to be born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. 223 more words

Hope for spinal injury patients.

Most cells in the body have the capacity to repair and renew. If you injure your skin, you will usually heal. However muscle and nerve cells are unable to repair and replace… 299 more words