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We Made It

So last Thursday my class completed our first module of medical school. I cannot even articulate how good it feels. This was possibly the most academically challenging 9 weeks of my life. 696 more words


Fourth Year Interim Summary

Wow. It’s been a really long time since I’ve written. What’s happened in the interim? I finished my 3rd year of medical school. I took and passed step 2 CK and CS of my licensing boards. 471 more words


The Caseating Cheesecake

Homaira’s Note: Earlier, I accidentally pressed the “Publish” button before this post was ready. The post below is the final version.

As a culminating project for our 12-week Scientific Principles of Medicine class, the first-year medical students were asked to cook special meals that would be suitable for individuals with various metabolic diseases. 467 more words

1st Semester

The Eye of the Beholder

We’re taught to forever believe that there is never a price too high for our sanity, as if being normal is a prize all on its own. 631 more words


What do you believe in Lily?

Day 18 : My Beliefs 

I have already written a post about my religion . . . I suppose this may be asking about my non-religious beliefs . 96 more words

Medical Student

How To Bring Calm To Your Day

So it should come as no surprise that life as a medical student can be quite busy, bordering on madness at times. It can be really hard to cope with the daily rush-rush-rush, from home to placement to study to gym to lecture to bed repeat. 556 more words

Medical School

No patients? Why yes, food, I will eat you.

You know, I don’t think I will ever actually enjoy working night shifts. I prefer them to working 12 hour day shifts because when you work all day, you can’t get anything else done – most everything is closed when you get off work. 725 more words