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Confessions of a previous beauty queen gone med student…

Gone are the days of fake eyelashes,

hair extensions.

Hello to bags under my eyes,

a ponytail.

Bye bye to making sure

my makeup is perfect, 48 more words

Medical School

Bye bye random little useless facts, hello real world medicine!

And so the transition begins… As a first and second year medical student, so much of my time away from the classroom was spent with my nose in a book studying something. 243 more words

Medical School

my whole team here


It’s been a whole year of sabbatical* and this pretty lady has her stethoscope and white coat (YES).

We need champagne.

cheers Deepthi! xoxo

*angst, hysterical laughter, hysterical tears, late night sushi, early mornings pancakes, ice cream, way too much money, lots of letter writing, persistent phone calls. 9 more words


Advice for the New Medical Student: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love what I do (or at least worry a little less)

The biggest myth of med school is that you won’t have time for hobbies. When I think back on it, the only people who told me that were people that had never been to medical school. 1,416 more words

First Assignments

School starts on Monday. This summer went by so very quickly, and I’m not so sure that I’m ready to take on M2 just yet, while at other times I can’t wait. 299 more words

Medical School

Shopping for Tops

As you may have read in my previous post, I needed collared button-downs to complete my semi-androgynous professional look.

What I was Looking For… 615 more words


Shopping for Shoes

What girl doesn’t love shoe shopping?  Honestly, I have a ridiculous number of shoes… but each and every pair serves its own purpose!

What I Was Looking For… 712 more words