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Obligatory Intro Post

As I mentioned in my About page, I started this blog after fruitless searches for professional-wear fashion inspiration appropriate for my medical school.  Our dress code isn’t extremely strict (I don’t have to wear a full suit), but it does have its fair share of regulations. 174 more words


The MCAT is merely a stepping stone to your journey

“Through all of the troubles and hardships you’ll face, approach everything with confidence. You must constantly attack this test. The MCAT is merely a stepping stone on your journey.” 246 more words

10 Things Every Struggling Pre-Med Student Should Know

1. You’re probably in it for the money, or lazy, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Stay the course.

It’s a tough and delicate predicament. 1,750 more words

Societies Girl :)

Today the Surgical Society hosted an event on campus and Dr Melville, a famous neurosurgeon was the invited guest speaker. It was a fantastic talk in which he gave us crucial advice on how to become successful surgeons. 278 more words

Medical Student

Is medical school worth it?

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Think medical school is for you? You’re probably wrong

Dear Aspiring Medical Student,

Congratulations on your near-perfect GPA and your MCAT scores. Kudos, also, on your impressive (if slightly boring) list of extra-curriculars, and your volunteer work. 162 more words

Medical School

The roommate post

Everyone must have this blog post, or at least, anyone who’s dorm-ed in college. Not everyone’s lucky to be showered with a wonderful roommate. I have two at the moment, and to be honest, one of them’s pretty awesome, the other one, though, has caused me and my family a bit of trouble. 371 more words

Faces of death

Yellow, sodden, eyes in a crater, bulging belly, shrivelled arms and legs……..
Smelly, pus-laden amputated foot….
A little boy, lying with a hood over his head, saliva dribbling form his face… 404 more words