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Cumulative Exams Suck

We took our final on Monday for Micro I. That was probably the single most difficult exam we’ve taken so far. It wasn’t just that the questions were a paragraph long, or that they gave us a case and then asked a secondary question about the organism, but it  was the first exam we’ve taken in med school that has been cumulative. 386 more words

Medical School

Avenue of Broken Dreams

Not exactly a Green Day fan, so I took some liberties with the title. If anyone needs a more graphic description of this month,

I’ve been hiding all my hopes & dreams away… 562 more words

End the Medical School Drug Test

Before the 1980s, drug testing was uncommon. It was widely viewed as an invasion of privacy and an infringement on fourth amendment rights1. Today, a medical student is likely to be drug tested before entering medical school, before clinical rotations, and/or before residency. 1,090 more words

Drug Test

Medical School Scholarships

I didn’t really think much about scholarships being a part of paying for medical school but my school made it really easy.

I submitted my FAFSA which was easy because I didn’t have to file taxes and as a graduate student you no longer need your parents’ income taxes to file. 403 more words

Medical School

Things Are Changing in Med Schools

I have just read the email sent to me from a medical student from where Kaitlyn attended medical school, Wake Forest School of Medicine. This young woman was not in the same class as Kaitlyn but she said she and the whole school were deeply affected by her suicide. 170 more words

Gloria and Gladys

After interviewing Megan, the wind that pushed the clouds out of the sun’s way continues to keep the air cool. I walk around City Hall and spot the source of the cold.   767 more words



I guess today is as good as any to make the announcement. Michigan gave us a bunch of cover photo options to use to announce our decision on FB. 56 more words