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Reflection: Interviewing at Ivies

“Me: So…what university does everyone go to?
Applicant 1: Harvard for Neurobiology
Applicant 2: Harvard, Neurobiology
Applicant 3: Harvard, and I know the other two guys – they’re in my class.”

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5 Inspiring Tips for Moving On from Anxiety

When I was waiting to hear back from schools, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety. Just worrying and worrying. I had trouble quieting my mind at night when thoughts like… 627 more words

Medical School

Sleepless Nights

Last night I had one of those terrible nights where you toss and turn and wake up a million times. I eventually just got out of bed at 0530 and figured I would be productive. 577 more words

Medical School

Charlie Proknow 25 years old and in Medical School

“I think that Oregon does a better job than most states with health care, but it’s still not perfect. ¬†There are pieces I may not agree with, but it’s great that we are trying to cover more people. ¬† 8 more words


Things About Starting Med School I am Nervous About

I am excited about starting med school in a few short months, but they are a few things that I can’t help but be nervous about. 307 more words

Med School

(P)sycho Funk

At the age of 14 when asked what I wanted to do in life I said “I want to be a Psychiatrist”. This got peals of laughter from adults, followed by a “But why?”. 517 more words

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Obstetrics & Gynaecology: The biggest privilege

Yesterday, I took part in, what I believe, is one the biggest privileges as a medical student: Delivering a baby.

One of the most intimate moments for a woman and her family, where inhibitions are lost and emotions quickly bubble to the surface – pain, excitement, fear and joy. 108 more words

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