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Take 2

Tomorrow is the second quiz of medical school. 

I definitely changed my study pattern but I guess we’ll see. 

It’s hard when you’re learning an entire semester of Biochemistry in one week.  47 more words

Queen of Productivity

M2 year has begun.

I am already exhausted.  And I am already failing at being productive. All the pep talks I gave myself this summer have already been forgotten, all of the illusions I had about never procrastinating and studying ahead and remaining focused at all costs have already been shattered. 212 more words

Medical School

Be B.Han + Be a keeper of memories

I’m already in week three of medical school. It’s so strange because it seems like we’ve been doing this forever and yet things are still so incredibly novel. 282 more words

5 Year Journal

MS2 Year: My Medical Education Has Begun

MS2 year hit me like a swift punch in the gut. Usually, when you think of the first week of school, warm fuzzy thoughts of seeing your old friends, catching up on summer experiences, easing into things with a couple of “orientation” lectures come to mind. 631 more words

Medical School Experience

Late Presentations: A New Perspective

When medical students and doctors get bored, they start sharing “late presentation” stories. My first such experience was in third year, when a homeless man presented to us with horribly advanced rectal cancer. 614 more words

Medical School

Back in Business

I started my very first rotation yesterday in family medicine.  It was hard to leave my baby, but I feel comforted knowing that she is home with my husband and family.   511 more words

Medical Student


SUMMARY: “Is America’s student debt problem due more to expensive graduate degrees than unaffordable undergraduate educations? This New America analysis of U.S. Department of Education data reveals that debt for students who earned a range of master’s and professional degrees has surged in recent years and the trend gained significant momentum in the years between 2008 and 2012. 175 more words

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