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On the Go: Jetting off to MWASA 2014

Firstly: I survived hell-week! It was very different than the first hell-week in April. In April I was examined on two completely different subjects a day. 262 more words

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What inspires you? What makes the blood in your veins sing?

I am easily inspired. I watch ‘Step Up’, and I am ready to hit the dance floor moving like Channing Tatum, minus the beautiful body and obvious sex appeal. 223 more words


Progress Note

First of all, thank you to everyone who responded to my last post, it seems like we are all a bit tired of the constant need to be connected. 733 more words

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MS-3, Clerkships

March 23rd, just a few days after my birthday, will be the first day of my third year of medical school. On that day my clerkships, also known as rotations, will begin. 194 more words

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Nothing New

If you have talked to me in the months since I started medical school, you may have noticed a trend in our conversations.  Namely, that I am a boring conversationalist. 720 more words

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Chronicle 8: I've Never Been Happier to Have a 74 on an Exam!

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while, but that’s just because I’ve been hard at work studying for classes! I probably put in 100 % more effort than I did for the first round of Unifieds and there were ups and downs for the second Unified, but I’m taking it for the best parts. 280 more words

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How Should Medical Residents Tackle Student Loan Debt?

An aggressive approach beats a lax one.

Provided by Jeffrey Davis


Graduate medical school indebtedness averages about $140,000. For graduates of private medical schools, the mean is about $150,000. 1,060 more words