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Spring Semester Commences

Hello all,

Spring semester is in full gear now, and with it, Step 1 prep mania has ensued. Our first week back to classes after winter break (which already feels like a lifetime ago), we had three days in a row of exam prep companies trying to get us to buy their products–which led to the (hopefully unintended, yet still unfortunate) phenomenon I was dreading…. 134 more words

Medical School

Look At All This Work I Have Not Done !

Second year is living up to its vile reputation. One month in and I feel as though I have already completed multiple blocks. The volume of work is simply outrageous.   315 more words

Medical Student

New Year, still under construction.

It’s nearing the end of the month, and I’m so ready for things to get better in February. I don’t like to believe in things like the Mercury Retrograde, but I have noticed that this month has been a little more difficult. 635 more words

Last rotation!

Amazingly, I’ve managed to not post here for almost all of third year. I think that speaks to the nature of this year vs. the other years of med school…. 1,458 more words


Rites of Passage

Despite Step 1 looming ever closer in the horizon, my classmates and my thoughts have recently turned to a more pressing danger – the M2 CCA, or Comprehensive Clinical Assessment. 577 more words



London is just too fucking depressing. It has been raining since I fucking woke up, WHAT’S NEW.

If you actually took the time to read my posts like a few months before, I was in my teenager angsty state wanting to leave Singapore for good and practicing medicine in cool areas of the world. 337 more words

The Second Half of Medical School

I got my top choice for rotations! Woohoo!!

The moment leading up to getting that little piece of paper that would (for the most part) determine where you would spend the last half of medical school was… 158 more words

Medical School