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Looking Ways to Reducing HealthCare Costs? Outsource Medical Transcription to Offshore Providers

The demand for medical transcription services is persistently growing and the trend is expected to continue in the future. No matter whether you run a small private practice or a large hospital, medical transcription is certainly costing you quite a bit of dosh. 351 more words

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Wonders that Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services could do to Your Business

There used to be a time when medical practitioners relied mainly on their in-house HIM Department to create patient profiles. With the changing times, the medical transcription business has also changed its form immensely. 429 more words

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Security Breaches of American Medical Records by Offshore Companies are a walk in the park, but what are the consequences?

On August 18, 2014, Community Health System Inc. (CHS), filed a report with the SEC releasing details on the second largest HIPAA breach ever reported (1). 1,364 more words


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You guys know how I blew about half of my life savings (or, one-year savings, since I’ve only been working that long) to pay for my medical transcription at-home schooling. 749 more words


Career as Medical Transcriptionist

Read in detail about the career as Medical Transcriptionists, educational background, training and certifications. Also get to know what career opportunities await you when you decide to become a Medical Transcriptionist. 612 more words


All about Medical Transcription Services

The healthcare professionals are in much demand and to cater to the increasing number of patients in a timely manner, it is imperative that they transmit some work of maintaining patient’s records to highly professional medical transcriptionists. 391 more words

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Business Transcription

Medical transcription involves listening to dictated medical recordings, such as a doctor’s report, and making them into hard copy documents. In general, the aging baby boom population has increased the need for professionals within medical fields. 242 more words