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What One Needs To Know About Medical Transcription Companies?

With the advent of many medical transcription companies the scenario of health care documentation has witnessed a major change in the recent times. This article is to educate the readers how these companies function in the health care industry. 428 more words

Medical Transcription

MTSOs Offer Less Expensive, More Discrete Solution Than In House Scribes

recent article in JAMA details the rapid growth of the medical Scribe market, projected to hit 20,000 Scribes by the end of 2014.

Despite the reported advantages of on-site Scribes, a number of disadvantages and concerns have been presented in this and other recent articles, and include high costs, privacy issues, and potential misuse of the Scribe in regard to data entry. 259 more words


Key Things To Focus While Outsourcing Medical Transcription Tasks

The concept of outsourcing medical transcription services is growing in the recent past. This article is all about the medical transcription services that are outsourced and the benefits of such outsourcing activities. 445 more words

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Changes: A Conversation with Vicky Donaldson, Director of Medical Transcription

Tom Caswell
Director of Sales & Marketing

Portland, ME

Q – Do you see Medical Transcription at Synernet as a growing service line?

A – ( 489 more words

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Cardiology Transcription Service

Cardiology transcription service is offered by numerous medical transcription companies.

Cardiology transcription, like other medical transcription services, serves the need of cardiologists, heart surgeons, and healthcare facilities dedicated to providing quality heart care services. 274 more words


Why take help from a provider of EMR Medical Transcription?

Before know why you need it, let’s find out what EMR Medical Transcription is. Medical transcription is that process of transcription which is related to the conversion of orally recorded reports into a text format. 425 more words

Medical Transcription

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Medical Transcription Specialist?

When it comes to the business of health care or even any other enterprises, communication can make or break organizations. Effect of communication is directly linked with the productivity in every field like health care, research firms, laboratories and even small clinics in the local area. 378 more words