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Medical diagnosis - The patient with fever

Nearly all of critical imported infections existing with fever because the predominant or main symptom, and it’s essen­tial that a well timed analysis is made in such sufferers , Different standard syndromes in back travelers embrace respiratory illness, diarrhoeal illness and pores …

In the beginning....

In the beginning there was shingles. In the end there are seizures. Who would have thought something as simple as an extremely painful rash would come to change my life? 327 more words


Working as a nurse aid

I completed my last day of working full time at my nursing home Friday. Working over 40 hours a week at a job 45 minutes away was taking a toll on nearly every aspect of my life. 575 more words

Medical Diagnosing Returned Travellers

The exponential boom of world trip signifies that healthcare employees continuously see sufferers who’ve lately travelled out of the country or out of doors their native house of place of dwelling. 12 more words

A change in surgery

We visited CHLA on Monday for Campbell’s pre-op appointments and surgical consults. During that time, her neurosurgeon determined her shunt has an occlusion.

Due to the risk associated with the cranial surgery, the procedures planned for April 23rd are on hold and instead, Campbell will have a shunt revision.  305 more words


Surgical Waiting Rooms - They're not for Wimps

Waiting for someone in surgery, depending on the seriousness of the surgery, is not for the faint-hearted. I don’t get easily rattled or nervous, but waiting for our girl is nerve-wracking. 224 more words

One step forward, three step back

I am struggling to deal with my flare up – never really had a proper flare up before – it was always painful etc coz the medication combination was never quite right. 333 more words