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How to Find the Best Healthcare Call Center Service

Taking care about your health is necessary for every one and choosing the right healthcare provider is also very important. There are so many quality health care clinics, hospitals and health systems available to keep you healthy, you may think you have a challenge ahead when finding the best… 447 more words

Healthcare Call Center

Our dead ethics

In The Name of Allah The Entirely Merciful The Especially Merciful

There are a few things I understood from my one week intern-ship before getting a big sick leave. 202 more words


Tech Closeup - Stanford Medical School

From the Tech Closeup TV archive, segment on the use of sophisticated technology tools to help train future doctors at the prestigious Stanford Medical School. 23 more words

Stratasys and Worrell accelerate Medical Device development with 3D Printed injection molds

Since 3D printing injection molds for medical devices, Worrell slashes lead times by a game-changing 95% in comparison to traditional tooling, with costs plummeting 70%  671 more words


Quality Pharmacy Syringe and Umbilical Artery Catheters

A syringe is a small medical device that is used to inject fluid into the body or withdraw fluid from the body. Most of the medical treatments depend on these syringes to ensure higher quality of treatment. 466 more words

Pharmacy Syringes

Old maids say I have no sense

Ever since I was assaulted, I’ve had the weirdest side effects. When I was assaulted I wasn’t conscious or breathing for several minutes. If you want more detail about it, check out the post “She learned her lesson quick…”. 819 more words

Refused Medical Care. So Angry.

It was 5 o’clock on a Wednesday. I left my work as a chemical engineering consultant a half hour early for a physical examination with a new doctor – one of the few in my area that accepts my Peace Corps health insurance. 2,067 more words