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My "easy" trick on giving pets their meds

Ok so I know this may not be the easiest task for you or your pet. I’ll tell you how I do it. My trick is for a pill and pill only. 86 more words

CFPC Award of Excellence Recognizes Outstanding Family Physicians

An accomplished physician with more than three decades of experience, Dr. Loren Caira currently treats patients at Lakes District Hospital in Burns Lake, British Columbia. Respected by his peers, Dr. 135 more words

Loren Caira


I received my heart monitor in the mail from Cleveland Clinic today…with absolutely no instruction on where to place the leads on my chest.

My confidence in this process is already shaken. 9 more words

King of the Mountain

There is a patient of mine who suffers terribly from awful back pain. Every time I see her, she enumerates for me the litany of issues that she has stemming from her pain. 296 more words

Vaccine Harm

I will continue the debate (bouts) over vaccines vs autism, as it caused a mini-storm on my Facebook post. The first round is the (email) reply from the Media Unit (Australian Government Department of Health). 1,019 more words


Daniel's Disability and HOW it ALL Began! - Redux

Daniel’s Disability and How it All Began

In this article I am going to give you a history of my condition and how it affects my day-to-day life. 2,631 more words

Daniel's Health

Slowly better

m: Hey, I’m coming by in an hour. Do you want anything?
D: Let me call you back in ten minutes, I’m going to go for a run and then BASE jump off the top of the hospital.

Thank goodness.