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See What's Not Covered By Medicare and Then Plan Accordingly [video]

Today’s blog is the fifth of five posts featuring videos on how you can prepare for retirement. If you are a Financial Engines customer ( 141 more words


Just a Beginning

To be honest, if I did not have these other responsibilities of “life”, I would just love to do it all over again. The 92 hours of Bible reading were totally amazing… 345 more words


Chemotherapy Cycle 4

This cycle may have been my easiest cycle.  That is not to say that I didn’t have the side effects but they were better managed and passed by fairly quickly.   70 more words

Breast Cancer

Medical Accounting: Providing Adept Financial Management for Doctors

“New York Times blog columnist and editor Ron Lieber even says that among all professionals, doctors are some of the most vulnerable to the effects of financial blunders. 91 more words


Fundraising Foolishness

I see all these fundraising causes for illnesses such as cancer, cystic fibrosis and a lot of others and I shake my head. I’m not against wanted to have others get healed I just will never donate to these causes, as ALL the different diseases and illnesses are curable already as they have had the cures for a long time and are just not using them. 72 more words


Work Is After Holiday

Raya holiday is over and need to go to work tomorrow :) So fast time passes by :)

General Rant

Teaser Tuesday - Excerpt From 'Prescription For Disaster: The Funny Side Of Falling Apart' Three Of Four - "The Problem With Veins"

Here is the third of four excerpts of the book “Prescription For Disaster: The Funny Side Of Falling Apart” by Candace Lafluer which I recently reviewed… 970 more words