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Just one holiday I want to be able to really enjoy it. Instead of worrying about being on call, corralling little ones, worrying about who I am going to offend somehow, dealing with the aftermath of some family drama, or having to leave the party early so I can drive an hour and a half to my testing location and ensconce myself in a nearby hotel room to commence the last minute cramming that I have not been able to do all dang weekend. 170 more words

Money vs Medical Ethic

Medical practice has always been expensive, most city or town doctors have their pocket full and drive cars much more luxurious than the average us. Poor people are seeking for medical charities, middle class people are popping vitamins so they could prevent sickness (though certain sickness is not always preventable) and rich people are doing double supplements, money are not an issue when any sickness arises. 619 more words


BBC Online - Cult - Hitchhiker's - Guide - Babel Fish

The Babel Fish is small, yellow, and simultaneously translates from one spoken language to another.

When inserted into the ear, its nutrition processes convert sound waves into brain waves, neatly crossing the language divide between any species you should happen to meet whilst travelling in space. 9 more words


Google patent application details micro camera system for contact lenses of the future | 9to5Google

In addition to being able to monitor a person’s vitals, this unannounced apparatus could be used to take a picture of something, simply by looking at it. 86 more words


Mark Your Calendars!

From: www.ProHealth.com

By Erica Verrillo •  April 20, 2014

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Incline Village outbreak, making this a special May 12th for people with ME/CFS. 978 more words