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Just Say Yes

As I mentioned before, surgery is a tremendous learning experience. I’d contend, though, that the amount of clinical and “book” knowledge is met or even exceeded by the so-called “shadow curriculum” – the socialization into the life of medicine that goes far beyond the words in a textbook. 1,040 more words


Some support, for a great cause.


Show your support, donate as much as you possibly can. We always wonder what we can do for others nowadays, if we can possibly give to the world, well this is your chance. 62 more words

Vaccine against prion disease, not for humans... yet

Prions, misfolded proteins that wreak havoc on the brain, may have finally met their match. Best known for things like mad cow disease and possibly alzheimer’s disease scientists have had no luck stopping prions, until now. 641 more words


A better exit from life

Once you reach a certain age, thoughts about one’s death naturally come to mind. Atul Gawande addresses that issue directly in his latest book, reviewed… 586 more words

Daily Life

Small Town

Wide streets, slow talk, visible horizons, unhaste, drinkable coffee, air you can’t see, first prize in the Trap Shoot a ham (second prize two chooks), courteous people, a main street monument to Glenn McGrath, traffic slowing to circle the cenotaph that recalls the one-hundred-year dead, terrain so flat a granite mound (250 metres) is a mountain)*, forty eight social, sporting and cultural clubs (including Writers’ Inc – contact Mrs Shirley Todhunter**), a nursing home full of smiling nonagenarians, churches of wood, the CWA***, a beauty queen crowned Miss Beef… 300 more words


Chapter Sixty-Nine: A Need

“…the love of the Father. In that line, grace is sufficient. It by definition must cover all manner of….”

My mind was elsewhere, bathed in joy of an irreverent kind. 600 more words


#028 - My Journey: A Merry, Very Different-To-Last-Year Christmas!

That’s a lame, dumb title if I ever did see one. Can’t think of anything better or more appropriate, so we’re rolling with it.

There are a few things I want to talk about so I’m going to divide this post up into three bits: Food, Health, Happiness. 3,669 more words

My Journey