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Proof that there is Life After Death

Three people die everyday in the UK waiting for an organ transplant. In the last 5 years, organ donation has increased by 50% due to a network of specialist nurses who work to raise awareness. 394 more words


Resetting goals

Had a gigantic quarrel with the significant other the other day, there’s still no conclusion about what’s going to happen but how we deal with these instances is we chuck it at the back of our heads and then move on. 276 more words

Do You Ever Worry That Your Stethoscope's Cold?

Let’s take a break from reviewing stethoscopes and review ridiculous stethoscope accessories today. Here’s the stethoscope cover. I’m not sure what its function is exactly. 149 more words

Allied Health

As flu abates, Canada appears

I continue to recover from flu. I think the layer of fat helps me.

I got sent condolences from this blog’s occasional Canadian correspondent Anna Smith, who had initially been confused by… 250 more words


Manga: Wild Life

Hi I’m still alive~ School has been hectic though, so updates will be less regular. (A daily update would be a dream that I can’t achieve.) Anyways, does anyone like medical manga? 606 more words


The Amen Clinics advertising is dangerous, disingenuous bullshit

I’ve written before about Daniel Amen and his network of Amen Clinics, that (amongst other things) give utterly unnecessary doses of radiation to children. To briefly recap, Amen is a psychiatrist, author, motivational speaker etc. 699 more words


News Alert!!: Downtown Needles, CA: Arson fire incident at a medical marijuana dispensary.

News Alert!!: Downtown Needles, CA: Arson fire incident at a medical marijuana dispensary.

According to a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, there was an arson fire incident at a medical marijuana dispensary located on the 200 block of H Street near Third Street in Downtown Needles, California before 9:36am PT on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 which the suspect, who is in police custody, tried to light the front of the medical marijuana dispensary on fire by pouring lighting fluid on the front walls of the building, but the building didn’t suffer any damage. 79 more words