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IVF #1 Ultrasound 4 & 5

My doses of Menpur, Gonal-F, and Ganirelix were the same on Tuesday.   I had to go back to the RE’s office on Wednesday.  It was a two hour drive so my husband and I made plans to eat lunch after my appointment. 507 more words


The Giver

My husband and I tonight watched a movie called “The Giver”. It was an interesting humanities study about many facets of human nature in natural vs. 491 more words


It's becoming discouraging.

It’s becoming discouraging doing this blog, because I’m trying to find it difficult to work on all the things I want to change at once.  I thought the point system would encourage me to change my healthy eating habits, exercise not just more but at all, take all my medication, and take care of my pre-diabetes.   196 more words

A nasty week

I now realise that the ROOT of all my problems is the relationship with my mother. Not that it is my mothers fault, not that it is my fault – but simply the relationship I have with her. 1,090 more words

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This is Your Brain Off Drugs

I went off antidepressants October 3. It’d been a long-standing goal of mine, not because there’s anything wrong with taking them–quite the contrary, in fact–but because I thought, or at least hoped, I’d gotten to a point where I no longer needed them. 644 more words

Mental Health

Breakthrough Pain

I missed the Creative Non-Fiction seminar yesterday due to breakthrough pain. This is pain that somehow gets through all the training, all the routines, all the distraction and all the painkillers. 649 more words

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