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I don't expect much. I hope.

Several people lately have been asking what I expect out of my upcoming sleep study and if there are particular outcomes I am searching for. The simple answer at this point, I don’t know what to expect. 276 more words

Never Give Up

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.¬†There has been so much these last few months I wasn’t ever sure how to put in to words what¬†everyone in my little house was going through. 1,143 more words

Live to Not Regret, or Regret to Not Live?

This inwardly contemplative piece is an analysis of my experiences before and after my suicide attempt, and how therapeutic tools (e.g. acceptance, gratitude, etc.) helped change my thought processes and gave me an improved outlook on and quality of life in the wake of my breakdown. 2,860 more words


Eating Disorder Caused By Antipsychotics

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’ve somehow dug myself into a really deep hole.

Through gaining weight on medications, I’ve become really resistant to food. 284 more words


What the bleep was that all about?

This week that has just passed was unbelievable. It was like anxiety was an entity that came into my apartment and curled up into a knot in my stomach. 220 more words


If Dr. Seuss Was a Vet

This is amazing, and I’m highly debating hanging this in my own clinic.

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Face-It Friday: Anxiety

Hello all! Sorry I haven’t updated in a couple days, I’ll be sure to get back on track!

This Friday I’m going to talk about anxiety. 536 more words

Face It Friday