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Pediatric Shadowing 08/15/2014

I had the pleasure of shadowing Dr. Dufort at Eagan Valley Pediatrics. He is a family practice doctor who works with children of all ages; within the range of newborn through 18 years of age. 358 more words


"Hi. My name is Sandra and I don't update my blog"

Thanks Amin, for pointing out the obvious :P

Hello again readers! It’s been so long, I think my DHAL (Daily highlights and lowlights) series is officially a flop! 52 more words

The Daily Sands

The Final Hurdle

And so it begins.

Final year of medical school!

The longest year of medical school is over (I personally didn’t count, but if the rumours are true, it was 54 weeks long)… and now it’s time for the shortest year. 87 more words


Antibiotics in Early Life Can Lead to Weight Gain in Mice, Study Shows

A team of New York University researchers that has extensively studied the so-called microbiome has another intriguing finding: i mice, antibiotics exposure early in life disrupts bacteria in the gut and interferes with the body’s metabolism, possibly predisposing it to obesity. 387 more words

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The ob/ob mouse with leptin deficiency was one of the saddest (but cutest) things to ever feature in my lecture notes. I hope over-prescription of antibiotics doesn't become/isn't such a big(ger) issue that more fat mice will be required in university course guides.

How High Blood Pressure Can Negatively Affect Your Brain

Recently, a good friend of mine who is in her early 30s told me that she had developed high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension.  At one doctor visit, her blood pressure was 140/100! 763 more words


Jasmine Greenamyer: Insurance exchanges fail to protect colon cancer patients

Opinion – Rhode Islanders speak out on issues | Providence Journal http://bitly.com/VtOfTV

Jasmine Greenamyer: Insurance exchanges fail to protect colon cancer patients