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Tiwintza: Carro Quirófano Pt. 2

Last week I accompanied Cinterandes on another surgical mission trip. This time the carro quirófano set off for the jungle and a small cantón called Tiwintza which lies right on the Peruvian border in southeast Ecuador. 1,206 more words


Let's Talk About Sex (and Disability)

I will begin this with a disclaimer: my research does not focus on sex.  It’s simply not my area and, for whatever reason, the subject hasn’t pulled me in as a scholar.   1,304 more words


The Truth About Clinical Year

NOTE: I wrote this in my diary back in January, but couldn’t bring myself to post it.  Regardless of how my views have or have not changed now, this is how I felt mid-way through the year. 1,116 more words


What Is Primary Care in Medicine?

As an attending physician at St. Clare’s Family Health Center in New York, New York, Dr. John Lupiano performed many of the tasks of the primary care physician. 177 more words

John Lupiano

No heart disease!

19 July 2014

                This disease is characterised by a bacterial plaques around the coronary arteries all the kidneys.  They have made a signal enzyme, that raises blood pressure for no reason! 401 more words


This thing won't leave me alone - My hyperhidrosis condition.

Hello everybody. A brief intro about me, i’m Osman Ahmed born and raised in Doha,Qatar and moved to Pakistan when i was thirteen. Living here since then i’m 21 now. 910 more words


New Form of Eating Disorder Tied to Organic Food Rush

Dr. David Herzog, a professor with the Harvard Medical School, has been studying the evolution of eating disorders since he finished his medical education in the early 1980s.   312 more words