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Paralysis Cured By A Nose

Paralysis is a terrible condition suffered by over 3 million people, but can actually affect anyone and has very few solutions. In an almost miraculous turn of events, this has now changed thanks to scientists, doctors, and curiously enough, a chef. 398 more words

Following the Thread of Cancer and Genetics

People who undergo genetic testing for potentially inherited cancers generally do so to be better prepared to understand and deal with their personal cancer risk. This information, however, can also be shared to help cancer researchers in their important work. 264 more words

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My Experience as A Patient

So I’ve been unwell this past week, with mainly flu like symptoms (sore throat, coughs, joint aches). I knew it was probably just the standard run of the mill flu symptoms, but it was only in the past few days that something bothered me; pleuritic chest pain. 463 more words


Does your illness control you?

I was talking to someone today and they asked me a question, when they did I gave them an honest answer. They asked me why I have done some of the things in life that I chose to do. 648 more words


The Worst Patients

It is a well-known fact that “doctors and nurses make the worst patients”.  But do we…?  Or is it just that we are average, every-day patients who are held to a higher standard because of the high standards we place upon our patients? 643 more words



I am now of the opinion that the President is delusional. Obsessed and enamored with his greatness and his legacy, he is absolutely certain of his beliefs and judgment, so much so that he will play Russian roulette with the American people regarding Ebola. 242 more words

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