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The Beauty I See in Algebra

The beauty I see in algebra: Margot Gerritsen at TEDxSTANFORD:

From equations to matrices… to Google search, MRI body scan, …

Elementary Math

A Welcome Reprieve

Family medicine is great. Earlier in the week I was completely slammed, double booked almost every hour. This morning two people no-showed and I have cleared my inbox in record time.  250 more words

Family Medicine


I saw twenty-seven patients today. It was busy. There were several add-ons to an already packed schedule. I book 15-minute appointment slots. I have colleagues that book 10-minute appointments but I just don’t see how one can possibly deliver good medicine in such a short period of time. 203 more words


A Bacterial Lunch

The secrets to weight loss may not lie on strange synthetic chemicals or unhealthy new fad diets, but actually in some simple bacteria we’ve known for as long as we’ve been born. 399 more words

Daffydil cast and crew appear gaunt, over-worked following early preparations for show

by Jason R. McConnery

TORONTO—If you have been seeing particularly stressed medical students wandering aimlessly through the halls, perhaps mumbling or humming under their breath (or even stumbling through dance routines), they are likely part of the Daffydil team. 218 more words


Aspiring actress lands dream role in ASCM physical exam video

by Jeremy Gross 

TORONTO—“I feel like I’ve finally gotten my big break!” said Jessica Smith, on the set of Respiratory Examination Part 2 after wrapping up filming for the day… 271 more words