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On Passover and Easter, Holidays Bring the Family Together

It’s easy to forget what the holidays mean, what they stand for anymore.  As a medicine intern, I’ve worked almost every holiday this year.  Or every holiday, actually, as I’m not sure New Year’s Eve is really a “holiday” per se.  1,041 more words


Why is blogging so hard?

If I could find a way to get paid to procrastinate and obsess over minor details to the point of being paralyzed, I could have retired to my own tropical island years ago. 879 more words


Obstetrics & Gynaecology: The biggest privilege

Yesterday, I took part in, what I believe, is one the biggest privileges as a medical student: Delivering a baby.

One of the most intimate moments for a woman and her family, where inhibitions are lost and emotions quickly bubble to the surface – pain, excitement, fear and joy. 108 more words

The Daily Sands

Wilderness Medicine in the City

Multiple Generations of Wilderness Medicine Physicians

Last week was a sweep for Wilderness Medicine In Philly. It began on Thursday when Dr. Paul Auerbach, one of the founding members of the… 869 more words


(#Cognitive #Impairment & #Dementia) & Communication Through #MindMaps

If you are becoming cognitively impaired or transitioning into full blown dementia, mind maps MIGHT be useful for you to communicate, think, and remember.

Many different sources can help you prepare maps and use them to communicate with you. 89 more words

Mind Map