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Workout for 10/15/2014

Music: Variety of Stuff

T-Shirt: GI Bro

Decided to go with a “warm up” today and picked the agility ladder. We haven’t done it in awhile so I figured “Why not?” 145 more words


Playing With Balls

Workout for 10-6-2014
Music: George Thorogood
T-Shirt: Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

Just a bit of a different conditioning type of workout.
The whole body gets involved with this. 162 more words


Ball Slams, Burpees, and Abs/Core

Workout for 9/22/2014

T-Shirt: Rob Zombie
Music: Steppenwolf!

Just burning some calories and getting rid of some aggression.
We slammed some balls for the aggression thing. 179 more words


Spin Selfies + QuestBar Review

Hello All!

Welcome to the weekend! Phew! I’m so glad this was a short week. I really don’t think I could have done another work day this week. 328 more words


Medicine balls!

Medicine balls=Happiness, Joy, Freedom!!!!!  I opened my IV supplies that got delivered today and much to my surprise my Zosyn was in a medicine ball and not a bag for gravity flow.   116 more words



It’s 5am. I’m shoving down breakfast with half open eyes, and getting dressed in the dark while Will slumbers (aka snores) peacefully on. I’m hoping I remembered to grab the parking garage card out of the car, because the garage doesn’t open until 7am, and I’m headed out to meet some pub-runner friends for a little good old fashioned first thing in the morning body beat down. 329 more words