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Follow Your Dream

Recently I have been inspired by an article written by a fellow Blogger – NoemiFairy entitled:  Follow our calling. She said in her post that everyone has a calling and even though you may struggle to achieve it you cannot give up because if you can dream it you can achieve it. 490 more words




Background: After reading Celtic Shamanism by the Matthews and working with a circle of stones that corresponded to the directions, elements, totems, energies, and aspects of Source–I knew I had stumbled upon a deeper part of myself that had been teasing my consciousness since I was a child. 601 more words

Medicine Wheels and High Country Roads

If you drive high enough in Wyoming you wind through the Big Horn Mountains until you reach a point where the rock looks like Hopiland and then, there you are. 95 more words

Happy New Year!

The snow is all gone. Snow is a real event here is Southern Arizona and does not last very long.  I do remember all about snow though. 96 more words

Medicine Wheel

The Way of the Dojo

When I was very young my parents allowed me to study martial arts in a local Dojo. My Sensei was a very strict Police Detective. In the Dojo we had to learn the Philosophy of the Art as we learned the techniques . 138 more words

Winter Solstice, Heartroot, 2014

It was at about 3 in the morning, after changing positions several times , pulling a couple more blankets around my shoulders against the settling chill and streeeeetching my spine in every direction possible while sitting in place, that I finally wriggled backward to lean against the meditation room wall and slipped into a crack in the fabric of space-time.. 688 more words