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Defending a culture that's not mine

One of the best thing about having a diverse community of humans on Earth is that you can learn about other cultures different to yours. I think this is very important because by being open minded to explore a different culture, it makes you not only strengthen your understanding of that culture, but also understand your own even better. 379 more words


The Wisdom of the Stone People

In the shamanic world, rocks and crystals are known as The Stone People – the ancient ones, the keepers of Earth’s knowledge and strong allies for us in daily life and in our shamanic journeys. 446 more words


The Dark Truth - A Crystal Legacy

Well here it is, the second book in my spiritual mystery trilogy.

The Dark Truth – A Crystal Legacy is the follow up to Untold Truth and is now available from my publisher… 195 more words


Four sacred smudging herbs

Did you know that different kinds of herbs can be used for smudging? Most frequently we reach for sage but we can choose a herb to support the type of cleansing or ritual required. 462 more words



“Gina, slow down! I can’t keep up!”

Gina always ran really fast when she was excited to show me something. I guess that surge of adrenaline gave her an extra boost. 634 more words


The Spiral Dance

The painting below is by my friend Neville Bridgeford.  It is in part conscious and in part an unconscious expression of the artist’s experience leading up to his thirty-first birthday. 924 more words

Jungian Psychotherapy