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A New Hepatitis C Treatment offers Hope

Well this might seem weird, but today is world hepatitis day. I guess I should qualify weird with the fact that it’s only weird because no one really knows. 641 more words


X Post Daily Syndrome: Soviet Doctor Performs first Auto-Appendectomy.

The soviets had a certain reputation for being unflinching, bat-shit insane, hard asses. A lot of that probably had to do with American movies portraying them that way so that they they would make good foils for our boxing movies. 110 more words


Oh Baby Baby

In an effort to make our experiments more realistic, we decided to dress our heating blanket dummy in some retro baby clothes.

Hattie: Week 2 (thrush & sleeping adjustments)

We survived week #1!!! I can hardly believe it. The poor babe went through so much between her jaundice tests and constant weight checks. Add the bilirubin bed & tons of visitors and I felt like we were constantly fussing with her and she had no time to just unwind into this crazy world. 544 more words

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Bee Monday

Today has been quite a scary day: I got bitten by a bee for the very first time in my life!!! Luckily enough medicine has made my pain go away and I’m back alive :D I even felt like smiling in these photos below ;) 8 more words

ICYMI: “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap for Week Ending July 25, 2014: 

 HIV diagnosis rate in U.S. declines significantly Read article here

Cancer treatment clears two Australian men of HIV… 158 more words

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