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5 Examples Of Burn Body Fat

As a female in my 40’s I can be sincere and tell you that acquiring older “Truly Sucks!” Your metabolic process starts to decrease down, menopausal signs and symptoms established in, your Physician informs you at a routine see that your thyroid isn’t really working appropriately, and you have a Vitamin D3 deficiency. 397 more words

Burn Fat

October 24, 1632

On this date, the Dutch microscopist Antony van Leeuwenhoek was born.  He made some of the most important discoveries in the history of biology.  During his lifetime, Leeuwenhoek ground over 500 optical lenses and created over 400 different types of microscopes, only nine of which still exist today.   181 more words


The Opinion of Medlink

James Ridgway, main speaker at the Medlink course, is the inspirational kind. Struggling with speech, he was written off as unintelligent – and yet, after leaving home, working odd jobs and meeting a speech therapist, he ended up sitting 3 A-levels in a year and going to Cambridge. 366 more words


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Living With Schizophrenia: Coffee and Friends by MICHAEL HEDRICK


Getting to trust people well enough to call them a friend takes a lot of work. It’s especially hard when you are living with schizophrenia and think everyone is making fun of you. 12 more words


Studies Link Mental Issues and the Rigor of the Military by BENEDICT CAREY


Though new soldiers report about the same rate of mental problems as their civilian peers, new research suggests those disorders can persist for longer amid the demands of service. 11 more words


United States will track everyone coming from Ebola nations. Post #99

Source:  Associated Press (Atlanta, Georgia), dated 23 October 2014


All travelers coming to the United States from three Ebola-stricken nations will now be monitored for three weeks.   347 more words