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Manuscript Road Trip: On to Virginia

Before we pick up where we left off, I have an addition to my last blogpost. After reading about my time in Australia, Anthony Tedeschi, the Deputy Curator of Special Collections at the University of Melbourne (and the forward-thinker responsible for the Dunedin Flikr site), wrote to let me know that the University owns no less that FOUR BIFOLIA from the gorgeous Boucicault Master Hours of which a few leaves can also be found in New Zealand. 875 more words

Medieval Manuscripts


Tim O’Mara investigates the evidence of this most dreadful of Medieval ecclesiastical punishments held in Worcester Cathedral Library and Archive. 

“We denounce all those openly accursed so that they be departed from God and holy church, from the sole of the foot unto the crown of the head, sleeping and waking, sitting and standing, and in all their words and works doing – and unless they have the grace of God to amend in their lifetime – to dwell in the pains of Hell for ever without end! 703 more words


Zodiac and the human body

Zodiacal correspondences of the human body (based on reasoning from analogy)

by Michael of Rhodes, 1534



Where the Feeble Senses Fail

St. Isaac Jogues and Jean de Brebouf

Those public acts of faith are so powerful.  The Dauphin models respect and reverence for the Blessed Sacrament in this short… 114 more words

Month Of Our Sorrowful Mother

Manuscript Road Trip: Australian Edition

I know it’s been a month since I last posted, but I have a good excuse. I’ve been in Australia for several weeks, visiting my daughter (who is studying abroad there this term) and exploring antipodal medieval manuscripts online and in person. 1,551 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

Illustration of the Celestial spheres

Le livre du Ciel et du Monde

Illustration of the Celestial spheres

Note that although the order of the spheres is conventional, with the Moon and Mercury closest the Earth and Saturn and the stars farthest, the spheres are convex upward centered on God rather than convex downward centered on the Earth.

1377, Paris, BnF, Manuscrits, Fr. 565, fo 69


Charlemagne and Me : Caroline Miniscule and Palaeography Lessons

After the Western Roman Empire collapsed in the 5th Century AD, the European political map was transformed from homogeneity to a patchwork of (frequently warring) Kingdoms. 680 more words

Medieval Manuscripts