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Another 2014 Anniversary: Worcester and Oxford

Everyone knows that 2014 is the centenary of the start of the First World War. Some Worcester residents and cathedral afficionados may know of another commemoration this year: the 300th anniversary of the founding of Worcester College in the University of Oxford in 1714. 670 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

Manuscript Road Trip: The Digital Walters

For the past year, I’ve been using the image at the left – Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus on their road trip to Egypt – as a metaphoric representation of my virtual road trip. 1,590 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

To Honor St. Francis

St. Andrew Avellino

They’ve been painstakingly cleaning each delicate page with a brush, and now thirteen medieval manuscripts from the Sacred Convent of St. Francis in Assisi plus some other artifacts will leave Italy and go to New York for exhibit, … 154 more words

Month Of The Holy Souls

Manuscript Road Trip: The Nation's Capital

Welcome to Washington, DC, home to cherry blossoms, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. Congress, and more than 7,000 pre-1600 European manuscripts in sixteen collections. 1,410 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

History Links: Medieval Manuscripts, Wills, and Victorians

This edition of History Links is rather long, because I just kept finding links I had stashed somewhere. GO FORTH AND PROCRASTINATE.



D.20.21 – The Life and Afterlife of a Manuscript

By Jack Fleming, Queens’ MPhil in Medieval History (2013-2014)

In the previous blog, we explored how we can get information about the origin of a manuscript just from looking at the script and layout. 1,763 more words

Manuscript Road Trip: On to Virginia

Before we pick up where we left off, I have an addition to my last blogpost. After reading about my time in Australia, Anthony Tedeschi, the Deputy Curator of Special Collections at the University of Melbourne (and the forward-thinker responsible for the Dunedin Flikr site), wrote to let me know that the University owns no less that FOUR BIFOLIA from the gorgeous Boucicault Master Hours of which a few leaves can also be found in New Zealand. 875 more words

Medieval Manuscripts