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Coloring the Past by Eric Pecile, Canada


Eric Pecile is a 22 year old Canadian living in Toronto and currently attending the University of Toronto. He is finishing his undergraduate degree with Honors in History and hopes to move on to graduate studies. 598 more words


Capital Punishment Through the Years

Since the beginning of laws there has been issues with capital punishments and how to deal with these problems.

Around 1800 B.C.E this statement was true in the sence of Hammurabi’s code: An eye for an eye. 503 more words

Capital Punishment

Offa's Dyke

Offa’s Dyke is the largest, and least understood, field monument in Britain. Essentially it is a linear earthwork, consisting of a ditch and rampart, which roughly follows the modern Welsh/English border. 978 more words


Silver darlings

When I was a teenager I quite enjoyed coarse fishing in rivers and lakes. Eventually I grew sorry for the fish, and empathy is naturally fatal to the angler. 829 more words