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just call me arya stark

Since Game of Thrones is all the rage, Jeff and I have been catching up on the fan favourite television series. Although I don’t love it as much as everyone else, it’s pretty cool – I can mostly stay awake to watch an entire episode. 354 more words


Yes, She's a Lawyer

             I’ve been thinking a lot about lawyers lately – not because I’ve gotten into any legal trouble, luckily enough, but because I plan on attending law school next year, and have been trying to decide which school to attend. 481 more words

"Swastika Night:" Chivalry and Culture in Dystopian Fiction

            In keeping with my explorations of gender and culture through various media representations, I turn now to a little-known book that, in its grim portrayal of a dystopian future, explores another side of gender relationships, and, I argue, presents the other side of the coin regarding chivalry. 871 more words

Raymond Lull's solution to ethical dilemmas: Prayer

Since Plato’s The Republic, various philosophers have contemplated ethical dilemmas. An ethical dilemma is simply a scenario where you are faced with two or more decisions, and to act upon… 590 more words


Changes in the Human Jaw since the Medieval Period. As featured on the 'Secrets of Bones'.

Last week I watched the 5th episode of BBC4′s ‘Secrets of Bones’ with Ben Garrod. This episode looked at how the skeletal system was adapted to help animals catch and eat their food. 741 more words


Study In Contrasts

I suppose there are those who would say that it makes little sense to study the past: what’s done is done. But I am not one of those people. 1,256 more words

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