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Fillosophie - Troisième conférence

“Fillosophie – UQAM” présente la 3e conférence de l’année 2013-2014 (en forme de programme double):

Mercredi 16 avril 2014 à 10h30
UQAM, Local DS-1950 (Pavillon J.-A.-DeSève – 320 Rue Saint-Catherine Est) 110 more words


Medieval Mind Blast

Life as a medieval monk provides almost the ideal conditions in which to practise philosophy: plenty of uninterrupted time, like-minded fellows and few worldly concerns. As long as they could endure chilled fingers, cramp  and eye-strain from hours of work under candle-light, monks could devote their lives to searching for answers to the most mind-expanding questions of all. 1,232 more words

B is for Brevity (sort of) ... and Boethius

Brevity, the soul of wit, doesn’t require much explanation, though I’m probably nearly as bad as Polonius for actually putting the aphorism into practice. Maybe I should go back to my earlier rule that my Inn posts had to be under 500 words? 1,325 more words

Explorations In The Commonwealth Of Letters

Is Boethius Platonic, Aristotelian or Stoic in his View on Foreknowledge?

The medieval philosopher Boethius became puzzled by the problem of divine foreknowledge and attempted to answer this conundrum in the form of a dialogue between him and philosophy that is given the guise of a lady known as Lady Philosophy. 3,712 more words