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Working On Medieval Times Stuff

I’m busy working on more guides for our latest event for things such as elixir, gold, attacking and defending. I also plan to start work very soon on a table that you’ll be able to use make sure you have enough time to get all the prizes, following a request from a reader. 26 more words


Gold doesn't deplete, it's cumulative

You don’t actually spend gold, everything you earn is cumulative. This is counter-intuitive to how every other currency works in the game, so I’ll try using an analogy to better explain how this works. 395 more words


Take Revenge against all Invaders

One of the newest, most exciting features of this update is the ability to attack random towns. This revolutionizes the social aspect of the game because you are no longer just limited to your short-list of 100 neighbors. 434 more words


Medieval Times

As part of the bf’s birthday celebration, we went to Medieval Times Toronto.

I bought our tickets back in May from Buytopia.  Medieval Times Groupon… 159 more words

Date Nights

A Guide To Nerds

Here’s a quick guide that should help you understand exactly how this event works. I am working on the event homepage for Medieval Times but it’s going to take some time to get it all done. 298 more words


Advanced Battle Strategies

Generally in events such as these, everyone always wants to know two things: What is best for me, and what is best for my neighbors? Should I attack? 358 more words


Elixir Wednesday! Time to upgrade your castle!

Every Wednesday the ability to buy elixir directly from the shop unlocks. These are donut purchases, so freemium players feel free to ignore this post, or read on to see what you’re missing out on. 402 more words