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North Gloucestershire Glories

There are faint remnants of motte and baileys throughout Gloucestershire which do not concern most people except for the possible history attached to these apparitions and only a few of those converted to stone castles have substantially visible remains. 2,355 more words


5th Birthday Adventure

We went to Medieval Times for our daughter’s 5th birthday and it was one of the best days we have spent together.

The rain outside made me glad that we had decided against the amusement park for her celebration. 1,168 more words


I am so happy. That’s all.

#1-2: Seal Beach Pier. This place was so beautiful, if a little chilly. Fisherpeople were lining the sides a little farther out. 596 more words


Day 196: July 15

It’s been one of the busiest work weeks ever so I haven’t had time to post. Apologies for the delay! This shot here is an interior picture of a Medieval Times goblet. 36 more words


Medieval Times

Each week, I perform a Tarot reading for myself that I do not post online. In many ways they serve as practice sessions for “the real thing”. 123 more words


What do you know?

What do you know about this time?

Do you know any of these characters?

How did they dress?


Varicose Veins

“Discovered through a life review, I was tortured via my legs in Medieval times in England in the year of ¬†784. ¬†Something that has crossed over into my current life. ¬† 52 more words