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On "False Performance."

I believe that the only way to be as fast as I wish I am, is to think myself exactly as strong as I actually am. 1,021 more words

Thinking In Systems

Welcome to the long awaited, much anticipated Part 2 of the post that launched a thousand shares – Why We Need to Talk About Male Masturbation. 2,218 more words


Breakthrough? Wholeness Within...

Thanks a lot to the universe for its wonderful gift of kindness, generosity and miracles from healers, strangers, friends, family over the past few months (or years),and through the recent healing techniques and meditation practices of Bodhi Meditation, I have gone through gamuts of emotions – from high to low and let go of a lot of energetic junk, the past history and whatever karmic stuff existed. 478 more words

Awakening Consciousness Path To Love And Self Healing

Love & Accept YOU

How do you love and accept yourself and overcome other people’s negative opinions of you?

  1. Be Aware- You must first recognize that there are thoughts you have about yourself that take away from your power.
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Evanye Lawson


Both constipation and stress have two things in common.
Both throw a person totally ‘out of gear’. We don’t come to know previously about our going to be constipated till we experience it. 1,643 more words


Going Down To The River To Pray

The practice of yoga is a mirror for life. It will reflect to us the patterns and behaviors that are keeping us from our highest potential, and it will  mirror back to us the spirit that runs through us. 316 more words

Healing Through Yoga