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Meditate with me!

Let’s access our third eye together….

  • Take a deep breathe and let the air go all the way down to your abdomen.
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Meditation Journal 31 July 2014

am 1 hr

Head shaking rapidly, intensity at sides of the neck where it meets the shoulders. A spot just to the left of the spine at the base of the neck, sharp. 221 more words


Meditation Journal 7 July 2014

Again, letting dissatisfaction be my guide, without looking for satisfaction. There’s a nagging beacon within one can sense and draw near, or go near to. Not that time and distance have much meaning once you really go into it, get in there. 154 more words


Meditation Journal 6 July 2014

Where do thoughts come from? What gives them power, charge? Why are they enticing? When sliding into thought, is it a little bit like falling asleep? 121 more words


Thought for Thursday

Matthew 5:14,16 NLT

You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be
hidden. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that
everyone will praise your heavenly Father.
Thought For Today

MD Means: Meditation Relax

Calm Chicago is offering a new group class called, “MD Meditation Relax.” 

(Logo design by Brittany Thill)

In these classes we’ll focus less on doing and more on being. 151 more words


45% - 75%

Here’s some weird news for myself. Apparently the anxiety is getting less, judging by the abdominal muscle tension and nose sensation, but for some reason, my OCD (old or new), seems to flare up for no reason and what makes it even weirder, my sleep has been reduced to 3 hours + :(..sigh. 152 more words

Benzo Withdrawal