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Let things happen ;)

You don’t know what you are.

Let the existence take possession in you.

Just be aware of your madness. Have no fear. Don’t take the pressure of perfection. Let things happen.


Introducing Week 1 & 2 of the 16 Week Yoga Challenge

Today marks the first week of my yoga challenge! If you’re just joining in, I’ve challenged myself (and committed to) practicing yoga five times a week with a daily meditation habit. 1,193 more words

Yoga Challenge

A View As Vast As Space

“Although my view is as vast as space, when comes to the nature of actions and their consequences, I am extremely precise, like little particles of flour.” (Or sand.)

~Guru Rinpoche


M is for Monday and Mary Oliver and Married to Amazement

This is the poem we talked about yesterday during our Sunday meditation.

“When Death Comes,” by Mary Oliver, from New and Selected Poems (Beacon Press). 213 more words



Going outside is a powerful way to freshen your point of view, let go of habits of thinking, and relax.  When we go outside, we tap into nature or universal energy in countless ways.   243 more words


Desire: Awakening or Addiction?

Tantra is sometimes known as the path of awakening through desire. Unlike many paths which seek to suppress or avoid desire in order to awaken, Tantra gives methods to awaken through desire. 1,060 more words