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Did e'er such love and sorrow meet

There seems to be something about the human psyche that attracts us to tragedy: motorway drivers drawn to slow down to look at accidents on the opposite carriageway; the crowds who, in days gone by, flocked to the public hangings at Tyburn; and those today who will stand and shout at police vans outside courthouses. 262 more words

Holy Week

LOS (Light of the Soul) teleconference discussion group

Last Sunday’s teleconference gathering engaged the first 5 sutras (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras) and the commentary by Alice Bailey in The Light of the Soul… 247 more words



Muscle Relaxation/Breathing Meditation

This meditation is a basic technique used to relax your whole body.  You’ll be focusing on parts of your body and tightening and releasing isolated muscles or body parts as you inhale and exhale.  525 more words

Stress Reduction

Meditation Room at Purple aura Sanctuary

Purple aura has a beautiful meditation room. Meditation increases concentration, encourages deep relaxation, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, balances emotions, focus the mind and promotes deep sleep, boosts the immune system and helps you to make more grounded decisions. 40 more words


Osho Kundalini Meditation: Shake your body

Osho Kundalini is one of Osho‘s most popular and potent meditation techniques. It involves shaking, dancing, sitting silently and relaxing.

This “sister meditation” to the… 644 more words


An Opus: An Interlude

It’s a definable moment.  That instant when you glimpse something new in someone, or in their eyes, or breathe in their skin, and melt…

- …

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