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April Moon prompt - Focus: A Focus on my Mind's Eye

Early in my years of teenage blossoming, I was enraptured by the thought of the art of meditation of how occult and mystical it was. I devoured dozens as articles and books and empowering lectures trying to discover the easier or most rigorous   meditations that would train my mind to focus on my inner being and depict the most beautiful visualizations that would quiet and uplift my confused teen spirit. 386 more words

Day 2 - Mindfulness Meditation for the Modern Life

As we enter week two, we continue our discovery of mindfulness meditation practices, a discovery rooted in kindness and care.  We discussed the importance of a more clear and stable mind before we enter into the practice of vipassana or insight.   629 more words

Sheila Singh

Crisis and Awareness

Have you experienced a major crisis in your life? Many of us have – the loss of a loved one, a major illness, a breakup or divorce, the collapse of a business or some other situation that makes us feel powerless. 363 more words

Sandy Levin

The "I" within (3/4)

1959 London Closed Class
Tape 274, Side 1
By Joel Goldsmith

Part 3 of 4

        Now you see with that, even with that short meditation, you have fulfilled the purpose of scripture; you have denied yourself as if you of yourself were anything; you have acknowledged God in all your ways; you have acknowledged the presence of God, the power of God, the life of God, the wisdom of God, the direction of God, the protection of God.  1,473 more words


TSE | Day 29 - Going uphill again

Hey it’s Lenn again,

How it went

This morning I tried the meditation I spoke about yesterday. In hindsight it was a bit naive. I woke at around the right time and then thought: “well let’s try that meditation right here in bed, with my eyes closed!” So I fell asleep again which I later realised. 497 more words


Most of our Suffering, is invented, thought about, desired at one time.....

of desire,
A created
to satisfy
a created

For… 14 more words