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The Rose Garden in Forsythe

Enjoying Forsythe Park on a beautiful cool fall day is all too easy. Sometimes playing together is challenging; our flexibilities differ greatly in the oddest ways. 158 more words


find ways to maintain

“When you practice sitting meditation in the temple and you hear the bomb victims crying outside, you have to go out and help, because to meditate is to be aware of what is going on in yourself and also around you. 132 more words


maintain your love

“Love those who manipulate and use you. Love those who take advantage of you. Love those with malice in their heart. Maintain your love day after day after day, without interruption. 43 more words


10 day meditation challenge

Do you meditate? I try to do it as often as I can because it’s got a world of benefits! Meditation can help you get over your anxiety (hello, this is my 24/7!), release stress, lower blood pressure, release tension and pain as well as help increase the strength of your immune system. 244 more words


Mindful Commuters

The front page of the October 20 Washington Post had an article “Mindful’ commuters say deep breaths, clear mind keep them calm under stress.” Although it might sound impossible, people who practice mindful commuting swear it brings tranquility to the daily misery of crowded trains, late buses, honking horns, and traffic jams. 590 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

When too much becomes overwhelming: Dealing when things backfire

Something unexpected has happened. In the act of throwing myself into action and constantly ‘doing,’ I have become emotionally drained. All of the stimulation of recent experiences has left me feeling saturated with internal responses that I’ve had a difficult time processing. 707 more words