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Someone, somewhere out there, will ALWAYS have something NEGATIVE to say about what YOU’RE doing, saying, and thinking.

Whether or not you let that faze you is up to WHO….? 12 more words

Happy Thanksgiving (Gratitude II)

As someone with a very anxious constitution not to mention a very active imagination, meditation has always been very difficult – but very essential – for my well-being. 780 more words


Saint Germain - You are not Dependent on the Outer Things

Volume 3 – Discourse #6


  1. Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence!

  2. Creator of all that is, always majestic in Thy Conquering Presence, we give Power only to Thee.

  3. 3,076 more words
Arch Angels

Stop...be stopped

“I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways.”

Psalm 119:15

There are times when solitude is better than fellowship and when silence is wiser than speech. 361 more words

How can I speak with God myself?

I am Maitreya. This is a message to you and all mankind.

You must speak with God yourself in contemplation, meditation, introspection or prayer.

If and when God comes to you in contemplation, meditation, introspection or prayer and God speaks to you God will give you orders of pure love and kindness. 192 more words

Catch yourself doing right

As I type this, I’m in the 45% heat of outback Australia. The poor old aircon struggles and groans like a clapped-out tractor. The one end of the caravan is so hot that four minutes after taking butter out of the fridge it runs over the table and on to the floor. 190 more words

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