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There is¬†seriously nothing like the feeling you get after you’ve just completed a workout and are all stretched, strong, lean, and limber. It’s like you’re ready to face the world, stress and all. 211 more words


Change is always so hard... this week is bringing to my life... another one....

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new .


I Thought I Had to Do Something

I thought I had to do something.

I thought I had to sit down, meditate, do some inquiry, write my Soul Pages.
I thought I had to put on a video and dance. 558 more words

I Think Therefore I'm Thinking

Thoughts are just thoughts until we choose to put a certain amount of importance on them. Let go of thoughts that don’t serve you.


Leah Joy

25th Jan 2015 Connective Session: Mediation and The Money Game

Good day Beings of the flow…

Meditation helps us to quieten our mind. Allow us a space to relax and surrender with ease. Everyone should commit to at least once in a day to meditate even if it’s just for 1 min. 202 more words

Life Conversations

Notes on the Growing Attention.

When I can achieve focus, it feels as if I have been stuck underwater, suffocating, panicking, and now I have finally remembered to come up for air. 450 more words

How to Maintain Intimacy in Marriage or Partnership

Yesterday was National Spouse’s Day and I spent some time thinking about love.¬† While I am definitely not an expert, I wanted to share my thoughts on maintaining intimacy in a long term committed partnership and tools I use to stop freaking out! 8 more words