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MeditationMoment29: beauty

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do,” Rumi. 


10 Ways To Get Over A Bad Mood

A bad mood can be a real downer. It makes you want to curl up into a ball and stay in bed. But, considering the fact that our lives are pretty short, all the curling up and lying in bed can be a real waste of precious time. 770 more words


Cake Heaven

Do not impact the compassionate flow

~ color My union ~ decorate My cake ~

fresh colored people!

Continue to climb, liberate the faith to shine… 45 more words


A Ritual of Gestures

This elegantly simple ritual is phenomenal for connecting and communicating with the energies, spirits and deities around you. No words need to be spoken, yet everything is understood. 423 more words


Morning Meditation: Names of the Divine

Good morning!

The morning is a time of transition. Our energy bodies have just journeyed all over the astral plane and have come crashing back into our physical bodies. 276 more words

Gender sensitive sunglasses... .... ... .... ..A comment from a viewer on a post from SwittersB & Exploring blog...

“I am currently working on some gender sensitive spectacles which allow us to see the world the way the opposite sex does. 92 more words