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Roll on 2015..

This year has been absolutely bizarre. I gave up standup comedy which was my life for 2 years because it was making me depressed. I had health issues. 283 more words


Dog Park

If I have learned anything from those around me from my upbringing, is that hard work, honesty, and dedication are a must. However, there were times in my life where, despite all my hard work and efforts, I was denied the goals I worked towards. 287 more words


A Morning Shot & A Quick Start To Your Day!

You open your eyes and wake up.

You feel drowsy and your mind is far from clear.

What do you do?

Small Breakfast

If you just woke up and had your last meal 6-10 hours ago then that’s a pretty long time and you might lack water and organic nutrients. 1,080 more words


Constant flow of inspiration: Hay House Radio

Ok, where was I? It was 2012, agoust or september, and I have discovered Lilou, Wayne Dyer…Sonia Choquette…but WOW when I went into http://www.hayhouseradio.com/#!/ I just couldn’t stop listening, I could understand almost everthing, it was inspiring, it was powerful. 260 more words


Meditation Benefits and Step-by-Step guide

I found this great article describing the benefits and a guide to meditation. A lot of Benefits are included and described such as Increased Memory, Creativity as well as relieves chronic pain and reduces stress. 45 more words


An Ode to Music

I sit back and watch the waves engulf the shore. I’m on my private isle, sipping a sex on the beach, humming to one of my favorite tunes, getting fed chocolate covered strawberries, curling my toes in utter bliss. 314 more words


Haiku # 79

Softly I breathe in
Concentric ripples crossing
Softly you breathe out