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How 'Flow' Unlocks Heights of Human Performance

On the March 28 episode of Forum on KQED, Dave Iverson interviews author Steven Kotler about something called “Flow,” which sounds exactly like what I was thinking of when I wrote… 434 more words


National Stress Awareness Day - Life Yoga (5 Tips to Reduce Your Stress)

    Today is National Stress Awareness Day. For real though, we don’t need a day to remind us that we have stress. It’s everywhere. On some days it seems that the stress starts from the second we wake up and doesn’t stop even when our heads hit the pillow at night. 844 more words


In the beggining.

Besides the imposing force of a cliche title, I believe, that this post and the ones to follow will prove to be anything but. My journey is not a spiritual one for until it has accepted me I refute the spiritual world. 203 more words


21 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 3 - Finding Power

Day 3 – Finding Power

Today in the quietness of meditation, we learn that universal power is always there to support us. As we tap into this infinite energy source we discover our authentic power. 92 more words

Le Belle Amour

The Draw of Emptiness

The man laid on his stomach, snoring softly, the sheets twisted around his right leg. Lamb sat beside him and wondered what his name was. After a few minutes it didn`t matter and she got up, pulled on a pair of panties, picked a t-shirt up from the bedroom floor, and tugged it over her head. 252 more words

Flash Fiction

Holy Crucifixtion Joint

There is something spiritual about this photo, i don’t know if it is the majestic backdrop or the reference to Jesus and his crucifixion.

Or it could be that weed sends your mind to transcendent meditative spaces.But what ever the meaning, this photo makes me feel at peace.

Daily Tao / 106 - Carefree

Two ducks nestled in lake-side grass.
Both marked by the same brilliant purple at the wing.
Water provides food, bath, and play,
What need do they have for scholarship? 201 more words

Daily Tao Meditations