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The Bad Thought Brigade

Every day, I struggle with two competing forces within me. I call them the Bad Thought Brigade (BTB) and the Bad Thought Police (BTP). 

The BTB contains the negative thoughts that descend upon me right before bed, or whenever my mind isn’t occupied. 193 more words

40 Hours of Prayer

Boulder Street Church

Friday, August 22nd 6:00 AM – Saturday, August 23rd, 10:00 PM


I don't wanna be a busy bee: discourse on dishes

The more my behavior and habits settle at the bottom of the glass after the vigorous youthful shake and swirl, (imagine swishing ice around in a cup with a striped pink and orange loop de loop straw) the more i become a stable human being. 133 more words

Introducing Momika


Two and a half hours of sleep was NOT enough. No ones fault but my own. Wonderful, darling, sweet innocent love of my life is just the BEST this morning. 441 more words


The Six Million Dollar Self-Improvement Report Card

The whole concept behind The Six Million Dollar Scholar is that I’m rebuilding myself, and in so doing becoming a better scholar and person. As a result I’ve written many a post about my adventures in healthy living, good habit formation, etc. 929 more words

Good Habits