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Where we grant our attention thrives, where we withhold fades into oblivion!

Shaila Catherine

“you learn

to rest

in the

first moment

of contact

at any

sense door,

before it

evolves… 74 more words


Breathing Trick to Fall Asleep Faster

@FoxyQuant originally told me about it, I think it helps. If you can’t sleep anyway, might as well give it a try!




Running toward the light from the light
I believe in more but logic dictates less
God I believe in something but
Fickleness taints hope
Hours and days and years of believing in beyond… 77 more words


Fragmented and distorted by drugs...


Depending on recreational drugs means one left one’s inner integrity and happiness for others’ merchandise; doing so leaves one fragmented, twisted, and distorted (and not in the “good” way).   416 more words


Walking Through Cobwebs: Chapter Twenty-One

~Sharing June 2013

When I had landed on the Cape—through a madcap series of events—I had ended up staying with the family who owns and runs the camp. 963 more words


Still Reflection

I wanted to believe what I was told, I really did. But the more I was told, the less it added up. To ask “why” anywhere along the way, and expect a definitive answer, is to start a chain-reaction of doubt. 102 more words


6 Strategies to Kick Stress to the Curb

This is the time of year when most companies are in the middle of figuring out if they are as profitable as they thought. As efficient. 1,042 more words

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