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Known is drop,Unknown is truth

Known is a drop,
Unknown is a ocean,
That is the universe.
Thanks to muthu pandi.Reality is defined by n dimensions of which time is one. 27 more words

Lord Shiva(Boom Shankar)

Angel hear my whispers.

I asked the spirits to guide me,
To show me what i need to see,
I asked for a seconds clarity,
To show me what will be.

Creative Writing

Effects Of Meditation

Once Western scientists first began studying the personal effects of speculation in the 1970s, they noticed that heart rate, perspiration, and other signs of emphasis decreased as the meditator relaxed. 424 more words


The Stare-Off: An Introduction to Concentration Practices

This is a wonderful way to introduce people to concentration practices. On the one hand it is a lot of fun, thus giving people an initial positive association with whatever practice they are learning. 657 more words


Life is Fragile

There was a typhoon going on during my flight to Tokyo. My brother was very nervous about me going and called to ask me to reconsider. 175 more words

Observing Life + Cultures

Interesting Meditation Experience

Last night, I was meditating and had an interesting experience.

I have been meditating lately listening to Marina Reye’s song ‘Liquid Silk’ and envisioning myself walking through a colorfully-lit fountain pool in the shape of the Sri-Yantra. 519 more words


Boredom and a Scientific Game of "Would You Rather"

Have you ever played the game “Would You Rather?” It’s something kids used to do (maybe they still do, if they’re not on SnapChat) to amuse themselves when a moment of boredom came along. 817 more words

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