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What Is Stress?

What is this invisible enemy we call stress?

Why do we allow ourselves such tension when it furthers the problem?

What does stress really mean? 77 more words


Blog Post: Holding The Sacred Space

The phrase “holding the space” has been gently following me for years now. And until very recently, I thought I had understood what it meant. 1,560 more words


Just start over

Today, along with being out in the sunshine and talking to my one good friend, I began a practice taught by Phillip Moffitt for making lasting life changes:  170 more words

Writing as Meditation

In a way, this blog is like written meditation—my thoughts digitized. The pace of American culture is probably too fast; so fast we seem to rarely take time to step back, find some quiet and just allow our minds to wander. 220 more words


Day 4 - Falling in Love With Yourself

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Today’s (I’m 3 days behind – just a reminder) meditation was very much in the vein of the Whitney Houston song “The Greatest Love of All.”  In that song, Whitney croons that “…learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.  651 more words

Where I Saw Resurrection on Easter

As I mentioned in a past post entitled “Paranoia!”, I tend to get really uncomfortable when I am in a good place in life. I feel I should probably explain more of where this comes from in order to accurately describe my Easter. 665 more words

Facing facts

To me, meditation is about staying with the psychological facts of daily life. I try and watch the currents of my mind closely in two ways: without indulging them and without enacting them. 306 more words