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Establish value in orderly, direct perception... not in limited patterns of...


Establish value in orderly, direct perception… not in limited patterns of the standard,  (rather mediocre) norm.

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Yoga Sūtra 2.11

dhyāna-heyāḥ tad-vṛttayaḥ

The activities (of the kleśas) are avoided with meditation.

In order to control the fluctuations of the mind as Patañjali has instructed us to do in sūtra… 288 more words

Yoga Sūtra

Can I surrender now? (Day 73)

Last night, I broke down. It’s been at least four days since I’d felt better and I couldn’t stand the idea of spending another day not feeling well. 1,219 more words


Lord, What Thy Providence Denies

Lord, what thy providence denies
I calmly would resign;
For thou art good and just and wise;
O bend my will to thine.

Whate’er thy sacred will ordains, 82 more words


Why I Love Aikido (Guest Post)

I was standing watching the children’s class, waiting for my adult aikido class to begin, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was my aikido sensei (teacher). 2,229 more words


Full moon heralds calm - #haiku

dangerous flutter,
this heart is out of control -
full moon heralds calm

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan – August 2014

photo -New Zealand 2009 – taken by Stephanie Mohan


So...had a spiritual awakening. Some tools for the fast lane!

The shift in consciousness can be a huge creative and lifestyle inspiration..or an existential crisis, depending on how you handle it.

People often think of awakenings as extreme – whether traumatic or ecstatic – these are the dramatic ones we often hear about. 1,209 more words