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Casus Belli

(the case for war)

because it feels
like I’ve learned how
to sing using
only blood

because I step
on my own tongue
chasing it… 115 more words



A specialty of the fabled
electric sand-eel,
a creature extant only on
my mind’s favorite desert island,
is its ability to regulate its power
so that in one stroke it may bolt… 182 more words



An alley ran behind the houses on Barnes Road. I saw nothing like this elsewhere in St John’s: it felt foreign and upscale — which, given that it was almost certainly an indicator of lower socioeconomic status, should be both charming and embarrassing. 253 more words


Tale Of Two Artists

They once spoke of her blooming talent
as if she were a flower or at least the soil
a talent grew in.

They whispered of her dropping out… 106 more words


Stop Expecting a Thank You Card

Most of the day revolves around expectation. We expect to get up on time, get the kids off to school, drive to work safely, and get a good chunk of our daily to-dos done. 663 more words

Yoga Practice

Walk On Meditation by Jyoti

This meditation invites you to heal and restore yourself by placing yourself back in alignment with the natural world around you.  It is  just over 8 minutes in length. 153 more words

Peaceful Self Retreats

How Will The World Remember Me

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume everyone has at least heard of Plato. Of those of you who have heard of Plato most of you I’m sure have read some excerpts from The Republic. 573 more words