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Cucumber Gazpacho

Cucumber Gazpacho is the perfect summer soup. We’re at the end of summer, so I had to make one last batch before fall rolls in. This recipe is easy, inexpensive and crazemazing (a made-up Mom word I use to get my kids excited about eating what I’m serving.) And when you’re exhausted from cooking, working and mothering all day, slap a couple of those leftover cucumber slices on your eyes and kick your feet up. 71 more words

Mediterranean Diet

Made Mediterranean Coming Soon!

I’m so excited to be in the process of building and launching the Made Mediterranean blog! Blending my Mississippi and Mediterranean heritages (I’m 100% Lebanese) together to create new and exciting dishes is something is I have wanted to do for years. 42 more words

Mediterranean Diet



What a great word.  Sounds like an insult. OI! FATTOUSH!!

But thankfully for everyone’s feelings it’s actually just a kind of Eastern Mediterranean salad, ideal for using up slightly dry/stale bread.  293 more words


Potato balls recipe

Recipe: how to make “Patatokeftedes” or “Patatosferidia” or else, Potato Balls! As in “meat balls”, except that here the basic ingredient is potato. Fried food is not healthy as we all know, and I’m not suggesting this as a main lunch or dinner. 18 more words


Cabbage rolls recipe

Recipe: how to make “Lachanontolmades” or else, Cabbage stuffed rolls! A super yummy recipe in a vegetarian version, because originally the suffing has minced meat. Well, this is meat free. 15 more words


Fava (split peas) recipe

Recipe: how to make Fava! A yummy vegetarian recipe from Santorini – Greece.