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"Unusually Awesome" Mediums for a Specific Message

We’re seeing that more and more atypical mediums and methods are being used by successful artists. As mentioned already, impact is generated by the unusual. The stuff that leaves you in a state of amusement without you even knowing why. 158 more words

How You Can Talk to Heaven, Part Two

How You Can Talk to Heaven, Part Two
(Excerpt taken from Psychic Integrity)

(You can find Part One by clicking here.
~~Hold on to your seats, cause here we go! 3,394 more words

Spirit Guides


If you’re new to the wonderfully complex world of creation, mediums are probably new to you too. And, before we can come up with your mindbogglingly brilliant execution, you might need to know exactly what the word “medium” means. 123 more words

Real8 Digs "Atypical" Mediums/Methods

At Real8CreativeHouse we like to think out of the box when it comes to execution. It may sound risky to you, but relating your concept to a very unusual, unorthodox medium and then using that medium for execution could give your installation or art piece a very definite meaning. 130 more words

Cause and Effect - Think it's real, your in for an big surprise I thought it was God's fault and I cursed him out. (shit I think I'm in hot water with God)

The Law of Cause and Effect fundamentally is quite simple. The basic premise of the Law of Cause and Effect is this; that every single thing that ever happened, in other words every effect, had an underlying cause. 2,289 more words

Winter's bone - Day #3

Baby steps are key.
Grey tones spreaded in, mixed with equal parts linseed oil and Liquin.

Life With Red