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The Clairvoyant II

I was just twenty six when Auntie Joyce died. During that long cold winter the hospital, two bus rides away from my house, became my second home. 769 more words

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Wild Theories and Mysticisms

The legend of Atlantis has been around for over twenty-four hundred years and people still talk and write about it, including me. There are countless books, both fiction and non-fiction not to mention the documentaries. 755 more words

The Angel in My Pocket

When I picked up Sukey Forbes’ new memoir, The Angel in My Pocket, my first thought was, “Oh, another memoir about grief.” It’s not that I don’t appreciate grief-focused memoirs. 541 more words


Spiritists - Talking to Spirits isn't a Vital part of Spiritism

Some people may believe that Spiritists are only interested in communicating with spirits. A few will focus on this aspect, however the doctrine of Spiritism, that of love, charity, following the golden rule, and the knowledge that we must improve ourselves in successive lives is tantamount to the majority of Spiritist. 156 more words


What is a Mystic?

A mystic is nothing like a medium talked of in today’s world. Most of those people are calling up things they shouldn’t be with no understanding or recognition of who or what it is  they are working with. 708 more words

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To See it Plain

Journal Entry May 5, 2014

The Medium followed me with her gaze as I entered the room. “You are going to California…soon”. Nervous laughter trickled forth as I sat for my reading. 323 more words


The Witch of Endor

                                           The Witch of Endor

“I think I will disappear,” she said,
and vanished from her seat.
She was not visible anywhere,
her absence was complete. 171 more words

Chimneys And Clouds, A Collection Of Poems By Philip Dodd