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April 21st 2014

Date: April 21st 2014

Development Circle Sitting Number 77

Medium – Darren Wordley – Sitting for Physical Mediumship

Witnesses / Sitters – Donna, Sharon

Conditions – The Sanctuary - Clear Strong Red Light / Blackout,  1.2 hr CD… 542 more words


Stop - Now

If you know you are going the wrong way

And your ‘reasoning’ is that its the only way you know how


Its because you should have stopped the FIRST time you got bad results… 99 more words


Come and connect with me on Linked In

I think one of the last bastions I have updated is my Linkedin profile

I am not sure why, however you will find the corporate Nicole McHenry, and the Spiritual Nicole McHenry… 36 more words


Ever wondered why people do a Phd ?

One of the things that ticks my brain is research

I have always had a hunger for knowledge and crave more and more

It is my chocolate… 85 more words


Meditation makes you nicer - not Spiritual - and where Karma fits in

Meditation is one of the most cathartic experiences

It is just that – an experience. It is a state of being in a moment.

It actually means to concentrate on one thing and it is really about focus – not finding yourself. 271 more words


Experiences of Violence never leave you

One of the things that most concern me these days is that Bullying is seemingly used as a term for everything. It is becoming another ‘eye roll’ moment. 511 more words


Developing Mediumship Is No Easy Road

I have met several people (and more very recently) who have always had mediumistic abilities. You notice I did not say they were mediums. Because being a medium is very different that having the ability to be one. 528 more words