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Mea Culpa

Het enige wat
ik heb gedaan om dit kwaad
te berokkenen,
was om arme Medusa
een spiegel voor te houden.


Attack of the Jargon Gorgon

As he climbed the marble staircase of the Temple of Empowerment, Perceiveus prepared himself to face his greatest foe: Mesnooza, the Jargon Gorgon. Her confusing words had paralyzed many heroes before him. 728 more words


New Untitled Piece

Ahh. A full day of painting and decorating my office/studio complete. I’m covered in paint (as is the floor, the desk, and every brush) and happy to be hanging this piece on the wall.

Medusa-inspired. :)

Ow. Bad Squishy, bad Squishy

Dropped the ball last week….I was on vacay in Charleston. Can’t do everything (even though I want to). Only thing that has changed in two weeks is I traded in the low riding Camaro for a Wrangler then Mom & Dad said they didn’t like that idea on the highway so I swapped it for a Hyundai Tuscon. 310 more words


...and mythical monsters take over Brompton!

Well, as you can see from the photo, the Summer Reading Challenge has really kicked off here at Brompton Library. We love the Mythical Maze theme this year and so does everyone taking part! 110 more words


Septum piercing

My newest obsession:

The septum piercing <3



I want one… Badly!


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Body Modifications

Episode 15 Medusa and Heather Lyons' The Deep End of The Sea

In this episode, Bianca and Cherisse talk to Heather Lyons about her latest book, a new take on the Medusa myth. They discuss the original myth, feminist themes, and other issues and goings-on in the literary world. 323 more words