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Tell It To Your Mother (Poem-A-Day 24)

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Tell It to the (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. 101 more words


Conversations with Prostitutes

Friends with two prostitutes here in the hood
Say that we wouldn’t but if pressed we would
Twist up one’s morals for food for the kids… 217 more words

Lenten Day 38: Meek

Meek is such a messy word. Whenever we hear it many of us will think it means weakness. This is not the case. Meekness is actually a form of humility, it is a humility that acts without its own self interest. 53 more words

Lent Stories

Day 1-"Be Humble As Christ Was" (Matthew 20:28 ESV)

“Even a the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many”(Matthew 20:28). 161 more words

365 Days Series


In this
Hurly-burly world,
Where fathers beat sons,
And boys rape girls.
Where oysters have tumors
Instead of white pearls.
Where half the people starve… 26 more words


Thirty-two Degrees Below Zero

The snow was already starting to fall as we boarded the bus in the Detroit parking lot. And, man, it was getting cold fast.

“You sit on this bus, Brad,” called Dirk, his voice rising above the wind that was starting to whip up. 2,726 more words


Meek – quiet, gentle, easily imposed on, submissive.

Oh, wow!  When the word ‘meek’ came to mind as my M emotion, I did not realize how right on the money it was as far as describing myself!   195 more words

A To Z April Challenge