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meet me this wednesday


I realize and recognize that I don’t know all of you (I think I mean that literally and figuratively). literally in that I have no idea who actually reads my words; figuratively that *fingers crossed* someone I actually don’t know is encouraged by my words and I literally do not know them. 641 more words

Welcome to the biggest adventure of my life.


My name is Maggie. I am a competitive Figure Skater in the Chicago area with big dreams. I started skating about four years ago and since then I have nearly all of my double jumps with the exception of my double axel. 190 more words

Meet Me



Wanna meet me???? Well figuratively….

I made a YouTube channel! Check it out! Here’s the link to my first ever vid! http://youtu.be/31Mpf87V-Nc?list=UUvYDO2ET5BZET3o374OC8gQ




Meet Me

See you at your caravan
Beneath the swaying palm trees
Kiss you underneath the stars
And feel the evening breeze.
The blanket of stars twinkle. 52 more words


Hi There!

This is me. My name is Ellen and I’m 18. I am blonde, not only in the hair but also in the mind! By this I mean I am a total airhead sometimes. 145 more words


Meet Me

Meet me

Meet me at the gate

I can’t wait

So please


Don’t be late.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2014


Interview by CyndelBee

Hey readers!  My beautiful friend, Cyndel, posted an interview with me on her blog.  Go check it out and go check out her beautiful blog… 35 more words