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As a writer, it’s easy enough to sit at the computer for hours on  end, especially if I’m on a roll. My wife knows the drill. 295 more words

The White Limousine

Culture Shock: Something Everyone Should Experience

With the holiday mixed with getting some kind of terrible sickness, I’ve decided to re-blog a flash from the past of my arrival to Japan.  This is more of a fun read, but hopefully it will inspire readers to experience a new world for themselves. 872 more words


I Always Look For The Longest Lines

“I always look for the longest line at a store.”

I was shocked by those words because I am not very patient with lines of any kind or for any reason. 356 more words

Jimmy's Archived Blogs

Variety in Variation. Keep Your Eyes Open.

The day started off with a journey to Starbucks. Looking around the room, I noticed a variation in people. Its not common place to have business professionals, the older married couple, the group of ladies sitting around with coffee, and you have your mixed in college students (like myself), except for the common white girl ordering her skinny vanilla latte. 94 more words


Find "Your People"

You don’t have to go about pursuing your ambition alone. This is a well-known site, but I wanted to post on it because it could really help if you didn’t know it existed. 493 more words


In the woods

In woods behind Bryan’s lodge at LFP.


Don't You Dare's Halloween Party!

Yes, there will be horseplay and inappropriate activities!

The party is at Don’t You Dare’s Friday, October 31st, starting at 8:00 just as the kiddies are calling it a night and the evil spirits arise.   101 more words