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Republicans keeps saying the economy is not moving forward, or President Obama hasn’t done a damn thing since he’s been elected from the first term. Wells, here’s some info you might want to consider in digesting for those who thinks he’s wasting Taxpayers dollars like the other party; (GOP) Republicans… 349 more words

Ratings: 'Fox News Sunday' Tops NBC's 'Meet the Press' in D.C. For First Time Since '07

“Fox News Sunday” is gaining ratings momentum in Washington D.C., beating its major-network competition in all categories for the first time in seven years.

Nielsen estimates that Sunday’s telecast of “Fox News Sunday” averaged 107,000 viewers in the D.C. 244 more words


[VIDEO] Comedy Gold: Liberal Media Panel Blames Ted Cruz, American People for Harry Reid's Do-Nothing Leadership

At The Corner, Tim Cavanaugh writes: Why has the Senate been unable to pass anything? According to an extraordinary panel of mainstream media personalities, it’s the fault of Republicans, or of the American people. 260 more words


"Basically Unwatchable": Cancel 'Meet The Press'; Why This Icon Of Beltway Insiderism Has To Go

It feels like we go through this same routine every few months or so. “Meet the Press” reaches some new low point for ratings, and chatter starts building about how time is running out for host David Gregory. 855 more words

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