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Meeting Announcement Considerations Prior to Shipping a Pre-Read

Before you send a meeting or workshop pre-read to participants, consider a formal announcement rather than an informal calendar invite. If accepted, follow-up the announcement with the invite, and then the pre-read. 381 more words


Neuroeconomics & Neurofacilitation: Rational Decisions Maximize Utility

World scientists are striving to map activity in the human brain. Presumably, a map of neural activity will shed light on how the brain works and how choices are made. 579 more words


Establishing Common Purpose Provides the Secret to Building Consensus

Always remember, ask WHY before WHAT before HOW when you want to lead a group of people to shared understanding. Success begins developing common ground as to WHY a group has come together to plan, analyze, or design. 418 more words


Challenge the Status Quo, such as “We don’t do things that way around here.”

Those of you familiar with the FAST curriculum remember the challenge of the “bookworm” exercise that only one or two students get correct… 334 more words


How to (Not) Gesture while Facilitating

Nonverbal expressions, like words (see Facilitate Meaning, Not Words), connote multiple messages. After you finish this article, you will be strongly tempted to embrace the… 496 more words


What to Do About the Seven Deadly Sins of Facilitating (in alphabetical order):

  1. Assuming:  Simply because the facilitator hears what was said does not imply everyone heard what was said.  The key to active listening is thorough reflection. 
  2. 501 more words