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Four Important Steps Toward Building a Meeting Agenda Owned By Participants


This approach builds the meeting purpose, scope, session (ie, meeting or workshop) deliverables, simple agenda, and potential participants.


Do the following: 616 more words

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Why Facilitators View Internal Conflict as Both Challenge and Opportunity

Don’t Run

A facilitator sees conflict in a workshop coming from the group and coming from within. Internal and external conflict reflect emotions that, when harnessed, enable innovative change. 290 more words

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Effective Groups Attain Organizational Goals and Satisfy Individual Needs

The following are characteristics of group effectiveness. Continue to test them against your own experience and let us know when you identify some other type of synergy that describes an effective group with whom you are working. 440 more words

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Three New FAST Tips to Help You Before, During, and After Your Meetings

Materials not found in prior FAST Reference Manuals that can augment your own Facilitator’s Handbook are provided below. If you have not compiled your personal handbook or archive folder, do so now. 481 more words

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Substitute for these 15 Vague Verbs an Effective Facilitator Should Avoid

As you improve your meeting leadership skills, constantly endeavor to listen to yourself. We know about the importance of NOT NEVER EVER using the term “I” after the… 520 more words

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If You Want More Productive Meetings, Do Not Fail During Your Meeting to . . .

No one wants another meeting, especially a non-productive session. To ensure that your meetings are anticipated, respected, and more productive than the meeting your participants came from or the meeting they are headed to next, do the following, at minimum (listed chronologically): 738 more words

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Meeting Announcement Considerations Prior to Shipping a Pre-Read

Before you send a meeting or workshop pre-read to participants, consider a formal announcement rather than an informal calendar invite. If accepted, follow-up the announcement with the invite, and then the pre-read. 381 more words

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