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3 Steps to Conflict Resolution: Purpose, Active Listening, & Objectives

Resolving conflict begins by understanding, clarifying, and confirming the purpose of the resolution being discussed. When that appeal fails, active listening coupled with extensive challenges ought guide the discussion. 595 more words


Facilitating ‘Genetic’ Differences: Similar Values but Different Priorities

Most meeting participants embrace a similar set of values. The difference lies in their priority, or ranking of their values. Participants’ rankings however are not static. 495 more words


How to Manage Meeting Participants With Problems Without Embarrassing Them

People with Problems

The following is a table of the characteristics or people problems and some suggestions on how to deal with them.


Understanding the Method to Manage Meeting Participants with Problems


The term ‘Politikos’ means ‘the science of people. You deal more ably with participants as you gain more experience. However, there is a certain degree of comfort in recognizing that there are some common patterns of behavior that are likely to occur.Keep one thing in mind however; participants cause problems only for a certain time. 702 more words


FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt Amplify Fear but People Change Anyway


Paradigms are established accepted norms, patterns of behavior or shared set of assumptions. They are models that establish boundaries or rules for success. Paradigms may present structural barriers to creativity based on psychological, cultural, and environmental factors. 617 more words


The Way People Think Affects How You Intervene to Build Consensus


People think differently. As session leader, you empower participants and their ability to understand and communicate with each other. You also enable them to think creatively about their business. 677 more words


Do NOT Lead Another Meeting Without (at least) These Four Documents

There are four documents each meeting leader must ensure:

  1. Pre-Read
  2. Annotated Agenda
  3. Slide Deck
  4. Output Notes


Your participants need to show up at your meeting prepared and ready to contribute. 779 more words