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Mega-fail: Mega-church hiding under mega-rock

Please look after your forehead. Wear a helmet when reading this article.

The Bible Society reports,

The Hillsong song that every Christian can sing

It all started on Facebook. 576 more words


Mega Church, Mega Problems

Recently another scandal has rocked the Body of Christ. A high-profile mega church pastor has resigned after the exposure of his behavior. It does seem that mega pastors are falling like dominoes. 696 more words

Body Life

Mega-Churches Are the Factory Farms of Christianity


We have seen the cost of monoculture in agriculture settings and the cost to the food system.  We have seen that the movement of God in creation is division and separation (that is to say that God, in creation, separates light from dark, water below from water above , fish and birds, etc.).   522 more words

Think About It – Why People Should Leave Mega Church Pastors Alone

I follow a few so-called mega churches and their pastors. Usually if the pastor posts something there are always a few people on their timeline who are speaking against their ministries due to the size. 552 more words

Michelle Adams

Pouting Places: Spiritual Spelunking, Don't Let Your Core Cave!


My neighbor said to me the other day, ”I must be the only one in the neighborhood who cares about keeping things looking good here.”   2,386 more words

What Kind of Church?

I’m struggling with church at the moment. Not the church I belong to as such. Just church. I honestly believe that the church I am part of is a good church, despite any faults it might have, but I often wonder how God views my church. 384 more words


Mecca Church Blues

mec·ca, noun
A place that attracts people of a particular group or with a particular interest.

Spent some time with family today and along the way we visited the beautiful Chicago Cultural Center. 275 more words

The Journey