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Noun, informal
noun: co-op; plural noun: co-ops

  1. a cooperative society, business, or enterprise

Acts 2:44-47 (HCSB) Now all the believers were together and held all things in common. 574 more words


TV Preachers

I see preachers on TV; I watch them speak and see the congregations stand and applaud, and a thought came to me; are the people applauding what the preacher is saying, giving the pastor the praise, or are they giving thanks to God for the words the pastor is preaching? 472 more words
Faith In Christ Jesus

The Hole in Our Gospel

If you went to the Bible and removed all the verses where Jesus talked about justice, poverty, the poor, and helping the really vulnerable, like orphans, you would leave a gigantic hole in the Christian Gospel. 485 more words


Mega Church Closes And Fires Staff

The Seattle-based Mars Hill Church announced Sunday that due to a “tough financial position,” the megachurch will have to close church locations and consolidate some of them with nearby locations. 566 more words

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Mary Theresa has 7 grandbabies,
4 friends
And a 6 inch scar
Down her chest.
On the way to Orlando,
She stopped in a mega church… 44 more words

(Don't) Join the Club

Growth. This is quite the buzz word. For a business to survive, it really need to grow. The best way to grow is find untapped markets and find a way to get into those markets. 959 more words