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(Don't) Join the Club

Growth. This is quite the buzz word. For a business to survive, it really need to grow. The best way to grow is find untapped markets and find a way to get into those markets. 959 more words

Which Came First: The Fall of the Western Church or Feminism?

I have noticed quite a surge throughout all of the stories and comments on various blogs, forums, or book reviews of unhappy women learning and living God’s intended headship/submission roles for their marriage a few years after they’re already married. 638 more words

Marriage & Submission

21st Century Letter to Apostle Paul in Prison

Dear Apostle Paul

We have heard that you have been arrested in Rome. We remember how the Lord peformed that jail breaking miracle when you were with Silas. 473 more words

Megachurch Leader Mark Driscoll Resigns From Mars Hill Church

SEATTLE – Controversial Seattle megachurch founder Mark Driscoll has resigned from Mars Hill Church, stating that he does not wish to continue to be a distraction to the ministry although a six-week review of charges lodged by others within the church cleared him of moral wrongdoing. 123 more words

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A What????????

As I was going through my morning reading list, I came accross what I considered a very good article and I encourage you to read it, especially since it is Sunday. 137 more words

Ray Visotski

New Pastor, or New Headliner?

So, the mega-church near our home, after having to remove their celebrity pastor for having multiple affairs, has decided on a replacement.

These 5,000+ people need someone. 370 more words

Small church BIG deal

I’ve been to lots of church conferences, some big, some bigger and some exponential! They have all had some things in common. There’s always a massive, loud and extremely talented band playing the latest worship music. 520 more words

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