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Church Change

Is your version of The Church biblical? Does it resemble the model of Jesus?

I have been involved in church for most of my life. The reasons for my involvement have been varied from going with my girlfriend (now my wife) to being the pastor to a large church. 312 more words



Megapastor ‘leveraging the church as a money-making vehicle’

Joel and Victoria Osteen

America’s most popular supermarket tabloid claims famous televangelist Joel Osteen “is caught up in a financial scandal,” using his Houston megachurch to sell his books. 214 more words

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My Gym Wants Me Back

I believe I already shared that one of my resolutions is not signing up for a gym membership! As I tell my friend Larry, I’m in no shape to exercise. 339 more words

10 ways religious groups are freeloading off of taxpayers

We’re the ones putting those celebrity evangelists in their mansions.

Have you ever thought about starting a new religion or perhaps a hometown franchise of an old one? 2,068 more words


Like many people involved in the church I have found myself watching the happenings over at Mars Hill Church the same way I slow down and gawk at a car accident, not because I really want to, and not because I think I will learn about how to drive better, but because I cannot help myself. 553 more words