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#ChurchWarning: Big Churches Big Salaries

This day and age of the American (Western) Church we find that many pastors and ministers are making a hugh salary. 

I find it very saddening that men of God (or those who are supposed to be) are taking very large salaries from the Lords money. 118 more words


Actually, failure IS an option

Epic fail. It’s a phrase that’s been around for a few years now and my hope is that it continues a slow death in the American lexicon. 411 more words

Church Plant

Worship Together as a Family this Sunday!

The Children’s Church movement, which sees children separated from their families for the entire worship service has some unintended consequences here.

More resources on this subject can be found at the… 12 more words

Just Stop. It's Not Helping.

Excellent article yesterday from the New Small Church blog. Taking a look at the if-you-only-did-it-our-way types of articles and blog posts, Karl Vaters deflates the idea that the problem is always with the pettiness or poor attitude (faithlessness) of small church leadership. 140 more words

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Mega Disappointed in the Mega Church Experience.

We have never walked out of a church service before. There have been times when we disagreed with what the Pastor was preaching, but we whisper to each other and pass notes and stick it out. 2,860 more words

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Why do you worship God?

Victoria Osteen, wife of mega church pastor, Joel , may have redefined the purpose and reason Christians worship God. In one of their recent weekly broadcast, Victoria raised eyebrows in the Christian community when she said the following: 113 more words


A Wednesday Rant (on Thursday): The Homogenization of American Christianity

I live in the state with the lowest percentage of church-going people.

Driving through the Midwest – listening to the radio and seeing all the… 431 more words