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Has Gospel Music Sold Out?

by Aisha Matthews

The negro spiritual, a form of cultural expression divined by captives in the southern American slave states, simultaneously expressed religious sentiment and feelings of grief, lamentation and sorrow at an ongoing state of oppression and degradation. 698 more words

African Music

"Hobby Lobby, Megachurches, And The Trouble With Corporate Christianity": Hobby Lobby Is A For-Profit Craft Chain, Not A Church

It was the most difficult job I’ve ever had. I’ve been a history professor for years, toiled as a graduate assistant before that, and even did a stint as an IT technician. 705 more words


Churches operating like corporations: "...if you tithe for 90 days and God doesn't hold true to his promise ... we will refund 100% of your tithe" - Huffington Post

“… Megachurches, and the Trouble With Corporate Christianity”

Charity R. Carney, Ph.D., Historian of Religion, …

“… ¬†Today, we see giant churches that operate like corporations and now corporations have some of the same rights as churches. 103 more words


Black Church, Inc. Documentary Investigates the Sensationalism of the Modern-Day Black Church

Gone are the days of working class preachers who didn’t expect financial gain in exchange for spiritual guidance. A new breed of pastors has emerged: the mega-pastor…one who aims to sell their religious brand and get rich off the gospel.


Alabama youth ministry quotes Adolf Hitler on billboard

They “had the best intentions” and are “sorry for the confusion”. This is an example of ignorance, incompetence, and disqualification for Christian leadership

from FOX8: 187 more words

Signs Of The Times