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21st Century letter to Apostle Peter

Dear Apostle Peter

Grace and Peace to you, I decided to write to you concerning the report we heard quoted in the 3rd Chapter of the Acts which you and the other Apostles did. 483 more words

Controversial Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll steps down amid bullying and plagiarism claims

from MSN News:

The pastor of one of the Pacific north-west’s most successful evangelical mega churches stepped down on Tuesday, amid allegations that he bullied dissenting members and plagiarized. 394 more words

Signs Of The Times

Religion/Christianity as a supposed counter to cultural Marxism

I rail on liberalism a lot, with their endless faggot love and femcunt worship, but understand I am under no delusion the absolute damaging nature of organized religion. 415 more words


Why Small-Church Preachers Aren't Asked to Speak at Conventions (but they should be)

Ah, conventions.

We church leaders love them.  Leadership.  Church Growth.  Church Planting.  Name the flavor and preachers, ministers, youth and worship leaders will flock to them.  1,206 more words


#ChurchWarning: Big Churches Big Salaries

This day and age of the American (Western) Church we find that many pastors and ministers are making a hugh salary. 

I find it very saddening that men of God (or those who are supposed to be) are taking very large salaries from the Lords money. 118 more words


Large Blessings Often Come in Small Packages

I’m still pondering a column my brother Gene wrote for the Amarillo Globe News over a decade ago.

Gene begins: “Can I be honest with you without leaving the wrong impression? 548 more words

Driscoll Drama: To those who sold tickets

“To pastors outside the Christian-rock-star echo chamber, the issue has never really been one of “will Driscoll repent?” Rather the issue has always been one of “will Christian leaders recognize how foolish it was to expose their people to Driscoll’s preaching and leadership?” 1,178 more words

Signs Of The Times