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Holiness and the Mega-Church

Wednesday is for Prayer

I once met a man who collected the names of former pastors who had destroyed their own ministry and marriages by sexual or financial misconduct or relational abuse of power. 650 more words

Wednesday Is For Prayer

Three Reasons Why America's Protestant Mega-Churches Will Turn Contemplative (or Go Extinct by 2017)

by peter traben haas

In 2017 the Protestant Reformation will be “officially” 500 years old, and what do we show for it? Behold, the American Mega Church! 1,729 more words

Contemplative Christianity

Thou Shall Not Covet

America seems to be eternally infatuated and affected by the big, the loud, and the different. Miley Cyrus, in the pop culture world for example, is all of these things. 1,284 more words

Is There No Repentance In The Gospel Of John?

from Worldview Weekend:

Recent decades have given way to many theologians arguing against the necessity of repentance in conversion and gospel preaching. People might not talk about it but please ask yourself, do they call people to repentance from sin when presenting the gospel in your local church? 2,649 more words

Signs Of The Times

Big Churches and Introverts...

Last night’s class discussion led to a talk about finding ways for big congregations to make everyone feel as though their voice is heard. Our talk began shortly after a Twitter exercise where we tweeted our thoughts whilst listening to an audio version of Esther, so obviously I was still reading/favoriting/retweeting everyone’s tweets. 723 more words


The Problem With Mega Churches

Since their inception, churches have served three main purposes, to Inform people of the Message of God, to offer a place of fellowship, and to help those in need. 632 more words