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The Church Is Not A Business

One night I was flipping through the television guide and saw, “Hannity: special,” and I began watching what turned out to be an enjoyable episode of panel (sort of) discussion about America. 797 more words


Hobby Lobby in the Huffington Post

I’m late on posting this, but I offered my opinion of the Hobby Lobby ruling at the Huffington Post. It was also picked up by… 735 more words


"Black Church Inc." Decries the Evils of the Prosperity Gospel, But Does It Slander Megachurch Pastors?

“Today’s pastors are superstars, overseeing megachurches with mega-parishioners and wielding unparalleled influence and power. These pastors not only minister to congregations in the pews, but they’ve got mega-audiences on television and online.”


What Is Hillsong Church Really Like? Ed Stetzer Reports

The 30-year story of Hillsong Church is fascinating.


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Church, consumerism & mega-churches: How Churches Became Cruise Ships

“Today, half of all churchgoers in the United States attend the largest 10 percent of churches. 304 more words


9 Fascinating Discoveries About People Who Attend Megachurches

The number of very large churches continues to increase, as our graphic dramatically illustrates. And within that group, the biggest churches continue to get bigger. In the past I’ve written about everything from… 135 more words