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Shallow Soil

That article from the Telegraph which told of the Atheist advertising campaign had a few words to say about  the state of religion in America which are worth considering. 735 more words

What's Happening

Joel Osteen worships himself.

I found this intriguing article at Salon.com about the famous megachurch leader, Joel Osteen, a proponent of the peculiarly American “prosperity gospel,” a belief that God will reward you with material wealth if you are a True Believer. 83 more words


Church: Does Size Matter?

Kelli, an unmarried middle-aged woman, says she chose her large suburban church so she could hide in the crowd. “I could come into this big auditorium and never see the same people every week,” she says. 458 more words


November 3rd, 2014: What's That Smell?

Better late than on time. That’s what we always say.

Special thanks to Jeremy Mitchell for filling in last minute. Check out his podcast The Fishwrap… 22 more words