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The second page

The second page of the double paged spread is aimed more on the interview with Laura. I made it a page long as opposed to two mainly because I wanted to include background information of the girl group and their success for fans benefit. 79 more words


I included this image of the girls in a bright yellow circle on the contents page to introduce the girls. The use of the bright yellow circle is to again, fit in with the reggae/ dancehall themed colours and to also make it stand out implying there’s a big, interesting about them in the magazine.

Main story double page spread

This is my main story on a double page spread, the story is of Laura from former boy band envy, leaving the girls to follow her other dream as being a mother. 60 more words


When purposing the interview with Laura, I made the questions stand out and clear by making them red and the answers in white. Also by using speech marks before and after answer allows readers to fully understand it’s an interview and they’re evidence of Laura’s words.


This is one of the two adds i included in my double page spread. The main reason for this was to break up the story slightly and to make the page more exciting, as if readers seen a double page absolutely filled with small font writing they would most likely become un interested. 13 more words

Planning ahead

My next mission is to take a picture of Laura that’s natural but also professional. My aim is to give her a sad facial expression as of which is a also a confused one to show her complicated situation. 13 more words


I want my title very bold and basic because I don’t want it to take away the effect of the pictures that are placed closely beside it. 68 more words