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30th Anniversary Transformers Release

Beginning on Easter Day will be an eBay listing to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Transformers

I am Bagging and Boarding 30 copies of the Convention Variant cover of Transformers Regeneration One #100. 511 more words


Pre-Draft Evaluation: Detroit Lions

This picture sums up Caldwell for you. He is a walking poker face, and while his time at the Colts wasn’t the biggest failure. It didn’t give us any indications of how he will manage the Lions talented roster. 378 more words


Top 25 NFL receivers

1. Megatron- Unmistakably the best, physically the most imposing receiver in the league, perhaps some of the best hands and runs in a way that is unfair for a guy his size. 1,170 more words

Thank You Utah Jazz

Going into this Utah Jazz season there were a lot of questions, it was labeled as the season of discovery. It put us as Jazz fans in a position that we really haven’t been in before, but one that fans had been clamoring for.  1,282 more words

Utah Jazz

Free Agent frenzy and No. 1's

Throughout my time as a fan of the Carolina Panthers, I guess you can say I have seen my share of highs (see Superbowl XXXVIII) and lows (see “ 991 more words

Sack Lunch (NFL)

Migraines and Crazy Nightmares

In the last 36 hours I have experienced a whole new migraine headache symptom…


They are the kind of nightmares that while they are happening I am TERRIFIED. 405 more words


Let It Blow, a Transformers Parody Song

In honor of the upcoming film, Transformers Age Of Extinction, I have written this parody song (Let it Go, Frozen), to celebrate the explosions! Enjoy! You have my permission to use this on YouTube, as long as you give me proper credit, and keep it appropriate. 277 more words

4 Frozen