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Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Transformers: Age Of Extinction (2014) (165 mins)

Starring – Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz

Premise – The Autobots find new friends whilst battling another foray of evil decepticons. 635 more words

Transformers: The movie

There are some movies that you have seen so many times that you can regurgitate the dialog up word for word. Yet at the drop of hat or with a simple suggestion from a friend you will gladly rewatch that film. 489 more words


Lions @ Panthers

Cam Newton looked great in his first action of the season but the Panther defense dominated holding the Lions explosive offense to 7 points and the Panthers went on to win 24-7. 76 more words


Lions Take On Panthers

As for Sunday Night Football, on September 14, the Detroit Lions are looking to build up the power in the Lion’s den from a strong Week One performance, against the New York Giants. 412 more words


10 Reasons Megatron is the good guy (and Autobots the bad guys)

In the newest series of Transformers Prime just like the original series the Decepticons are made out to be the bad guys. Apparently the reason for this is that Megatron started a war with the leadership of Cybertron because they wouldn’t let him be a Prime. 452 more words


Top 5 Ways To Stop Calvin Johnson From Scoring TDs

Detroit Lions’ elite wide receiver Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron, has dominated the NFL with his numerous receptions and touchdowns for over 7 years now.

And as Megatron and the rest of the Lions’ highly ‘weaponized’ offense invade Bank of America stadium for Week 2 game against the Carolina Panthers, we’re finding ways to try and slow down the productivity of Johnson’s game.   454 more words