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Four Feet Seven

I remember it clearly. It was during the 90’s while I was just a little boy with a sportsman potent. Sadly,  I never amount to anything but a bench warmer, at any game. 363 more words


No easy task

Crimes by migrants, who are hard to be tracked, are a major issue across the world. They are preferred over locals for petty works by employers everywhere. 355 more words


Why target a community

In India, Nepalese or Gurkhas are hardly seen as foreign community. The community is scattered all over India, especially in the North-east and North Bengal. Their settlements are seen even in remotest parts of the region. 396 more words


Post-poll crisis

There is calm – fate of the Lok Sabha election candidates in Meghalaya is now locked in the EVMs. Political leaders are taking some rest from their hectic campaign schedules. 401 more words


Embracing India

The high turnout in the Lok Sabha polls in five tribal-dominated hilly states of the North-east once again proved their ‘loyalty to India’, despite separatist groups thriving there in the name of their anti-Indian stand. 434 more words


North East State 4-ah vote thlak

Shillong, April 09, 2014: Voisun khan India rama a voi 16-na dingin Lok Sabha a ding Member of Parliament (MP) inthlang a trum 2-na Northeast State 4 a hai nei a ni a, buoina taluo um loin inthlangna chu hlawtling taka nei thei a nih. 343 more words



Hello! :)

Spring is yet to fully set in here in North-East India, and although flowers have started blooming, many trees are still completely bare. The weather’s unpredictable these days- the sky is grey one minute and clear the next, the temperature goes up in the afternoon, sudden but short showers occur every now and then, and I wonder why so many people I know consider this their favourite season! 55 more words