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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

 This week I am sharing millions of twinkles in the waves of a body of water as the sun rise’s first rays appear.

This is the  view of… 198 more words

The Daily Post

Rivers in Meghalaya turn blue due to 'high acid' content

The colour of Lukha river in East Jaintia Hills district and Myntdu river in West Jaintia Hills district has changed to a bright sky blue, “an annual occurence at this time of the year”, according to locals. 80 more words



As a kid I grew up knowing that independence  day is a big celebration, were every one takes part and feel the freedom in the air. 373 more words


Betis need a decent life

Women involved in the flesh trade are often found to have a disturbed past. Most of them have either no parents or parental guidance. The women doing the ‘immoral’ act mostly have none to answer in the society. 393 more words


Meghalaya CM launches Chief Minister's Wedding Assistance Scheme

The Wedding Assistance Scheme for poor orphan girls above 18 years was being implemented by the social welfare department and was available in district offices as well as Child Development Project offices in all blocks. 147 more words


Meghalaya flood relief efforts finds a young 8 year old supporter

Kids never stop teaching, yes, they teach a lot more than we think we teach them. I had told about Meghalaya as a good night story to my daughter. 72 more words

Cashing in on Disability

Stephen Hawking may not be the greatest contemporary scientist. But there is no denial that he is one of the most popular names in the world of science and outside. 361 more words