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Meghan McCain finds an issue she cares about even more than gay marriage

Because if the earth warms up, she says there will be “no more f*cking fish.”

Some fish presumably would disagree, but they can’t talk (except in “Finding Nemo”), so who cares!

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Good news: Salon and Meghan McCain think they can get Republicans to care about global warming

What’s sad is that the people at Salon and their readers actually believe this stuff:

Credit where it's due, @meghanmccain has a brilliant strategy to convince Republicans climate change is real…

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Ann Coulter Doubles Down on Heartless

A lot of conservatives have been upset by Ann Coulter‘s recent comments on the return of the Ebola-infected missionaries from Africa in recent weeks. 662 more words


Mia Farrow wants Glenn Beck to apologize to Meghan McCain [video]

“The most f*cked-up, disgusting, worst, most insulting things anyone has ever said about me — hands-down ever in my entire life — came out of this man’s mouth.” 204 more words

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