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Well, It Looks As Though The 'Somehow' Imbroglio Is Over -- South Korea Doesn't Care

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My Sister Continues To Laugh At Me About My Interest In The Daquan Meme

My sister now regularly laughs at me about my interest in the Daquan Meme.

And every time she say something like, “So, anyone interested in Daquan yet?” 63 more words


Still Want Dave Chappelle To Do Something With The Daquan Meme

Maybe the thing to both make the Daquan Meme mainstream and to kill it at the same time would be for Dave Chappelle to do a one-off skit about it. 172 more words


My Side Of The Mountain

Now what.

Now what, indeed.

My traffic is so low that I don’t quite know what to do. Today is looking like it will be officially so dull that i will have little choice but to look for a new job. 94 more words


Wow, Is My Traffic Down Down

Who Is Daquan And Why Is He Relevant? 6
What Do The “Daquan” Jokes Mean? 5
What’s The Story With The Daquan Jokes? 3
Why Is Everyone Talking About Daquan?
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Nice Little Surge In Traffic Before Midnight

Home page / Archives 107
Who Is Daquan And Why Is He Relevant? 66
What Do The “Daquan” Jokes Mean? 11
Somehow — ROKon Magazine Memoir 9…
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