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Each morning, my alarm clock goes off between 5:30am and 6:00am. I typically shut off the alarm, spring from my bed, and grab my gym clothes (laid out the night before by my OCD self) so I can start the day with an energizing “sweatfest.” 487 more words


Mother Earth's Day

M is for Massive block of Minerals and Moisture spinning Madly through the blackness with Mankind upon its back.

E… 64 more words


Secret Stories, part 1

My mom said that when she was my age, she was completely convinced that this one guy loved her. She didn’t give me details, her lip just kind of twitched and she glanced out my bedroom window and swallowed. 132 more words


Wherein I Tell The IRS Story My Way

Here’s a glimpse into what my life is like.  

Three lawyers all listened to me tell this story and all three of them told me I had it wrong.   249 more words

I'm Just Saying

Devops: Buzzword or the catalyst to fight conformity?

I have been meaning to write about this for quite some time now, because this is the kind of stuff that should be chewing on every techie’s ear, let me summarize the concept of DevOps from the orthodox point of view of a typical manager (it’s funnier this way): 1,000 more words


April 21: Judge Chris

Off-Topic Prompt: Quitting
What have you given up on lately? Are you glad you stopped, or do you wish you could take it back?

This is going to make me sound like an awful person, but here goes: Over the past year, I’ve slowly given up on reserving my own judgements. 319 more words

Chris Hanna

What a post with a pic?

I said I’d post something fresh, so here we go.

I’m doing this thing now in my writing class where I critically edit my own works before reading the comments of others. 87 more words