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Majestic - Even in the night

Guarding in the night

Jodhpur is one of my favourite cities in India. Not only popular with tourists from around the world, but it is immensely popular with Indians as well, recently gaining repute as the most favoured destination wedding and celebration place in India & Rajasthan in particular. 115 more words


Jodhpur Celebrated Medieval Heroes' Sagas with Marwar Festival

Because of various legends that are sung by bards in the folk lore, the heroic sagas of the kings and warriors have become a vital part of the Rajasthani culture. 265 more words


Dance bar's err... rooms from another era!

Apparently the most wonderfully decorated rooms in the forts and palaces happen to be the rooms where the kings would listen to music… I guess that means where they would sit to watch women dance! 169 more words


Architectural Magnificence at Jodhpur

After much waiting, planning (and plotting), the long awaited weekend of Dushera came and knocked on our calendars. This time, I skipped the mountains and went to explore the sandy end of Rajasthan. 669 more words

Travel Story

Of Kings and their subjects!

At many times my naive mind used to wonder, especially when I was not such a keen history student how did some people in the desert become so wealthy, why did their subjects stick around those kings in those deserted plains where growing anything for self was tough, where water was scarce, where the sun was harsh and the terrain unforgiving. 315 more words


Padharo mhare desh....

So this gentleman and his family sat outside the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur singing and inviting tourists and travellers alike. Rajasthan has its own typical way of welcoming tourists into resorts or palaces. 217 more words


Underwhelmed in Jodhpur

Arriving into a new city on a public bus is never going to result in a positive first impression.  Bus stations are always in the crappiest part of town, if there is one.   538 more words