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All packed

My MEI Voyageur all packed up and ready to go.
I chose the MEI as I wanted to travel without having to check my bags, and this fits within the maximum allowed limits whilst providing enough space for whatever I’ll need. 14 more words



Ink on watercolour paper
September 2009

Done as a freshman student to give to a graduating high school student


Malam Jumat, Pekan UTS

Well,well,well! lagi-lagi kembali dengan Witeng yang Awesome ini! seperti judulnya yang sangat klise, postingan ini dibuat di hari Jumat dalam minggu UTS semester ini. Gila sumpah! 614 more words

Eerste fotoshoot komt binnenkort!


Bij deze kan ik jullie mededelen dat de allereerste fotoshoot met model Marlou Mes, in mei online komt te staan!  *joyous*

Houd mijn blog goed in de gate om op de hoogte te blijven van het thema van de shoot. 18 more words



i’m so mei depriiveeddd

Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs Month

Open, plan, buy, sell, promote, expand, grow, expand, export. Every step involving the opening and consolidation of a successful business are being brought together starting this week in the Pátio do Carmo, in the Santo Antônio neighborhood, in downtown Recife. 290 more words

Recife In English