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Q&A with David O'Grady, CEO of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI)

Study Travel Magazine, October 2014

This month, David O’Grady, CEO of MEI in Ireland, points out the impact of the recent college closures as well as potential growth markets.

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Study Travel Magazine

Running Julia on MacOS X: Missing libc++.1.dy

When trying to run Julia 0.3.2 in MacOS X I get this:

dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
  Referenced from: /Applications/http://ift.tt/1Eqs1lI
  Reason: image not found

When I run Julia 0.2.1 it works: 202 more words

Swing set... and why you should not bring me to empty playgrounds.

The story of my childhood is simple. I do not go outside to play. I play with barbies, gameboys, family computer and I read books. Mostly, I watched cartoons and animes. 224 more words


Stuck in reverse

I miss my babies! Well, technically, they’re not my babies. But I adore them to bits. Little things make me happy including little babies, candies, chocolates, flowers, books, a piece of paper, or really, just anything. 100 more words


Just hold on, we're going home

(See previous blog post about switching hair color)

This one’s the previous color: blue green! :)

It lasted for about a week and a half because I kept on shampooing it hoping that it will became lighter. 66 more words


First Halloween

Ike’s First Halloween showcased his most awesome hair.  Like this…

He was Neymar de Silva Santos (I had to look that up).   Anyway, he’s a really good soccer player from Brazil.   113 more words