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Japan 2014: Tokyo- Harajuku and Meiji Shrine

With all the photos of shrines and rural Japan, I’m fast forwarding ahead to Tokyo and saving the other posts for later. On the first full day we had in Tokyo, I had planned for us to start at Harajuku. 830 more words


Step Four: I Wonder if I Should Continue to Title These Posts With Progressive Step Numbers

Once again the sun rose, as it usually does, over Ōme. Let us take a small break from my narrative to show you a quick view of the neighborhood. 464 more words


Tokyo D8: Harajuku & Meiji Temple

I’ve heard about Harajuku being famous for cosplayers and had wanted to go there. We followed the advice online and went on a Sunday where it’s said to have the most cosplayers out on the street. 298 more words

Summer Blooms

It’s getting hot a humid here these days. The sunshine is great, but I’m not looking forward to the weather of Japanese Summer. Maybe if school was air-conditioned I would dread it less, but the prospect of being packed into a hot and humid classroom with roughly 38 teenagers for the next month… 397 more words


Tokyo: 原宿(Harajuku)、明治神宮 (Meiji Shrine)

Travelling to Tokyo requires a lot of walking, waiting in line and concentration (finding directions). While in line at Sushi Dai the day before, the other tourists we chatted with also mentioned how hard it was to navigate around Tokyo. 191 more words

Top 5 shrines in Japan

Japan has some of the most amazing places of worship in the entire world. Many of these places of worship are called shrines, and belong to the Shinto religion. 285 more words