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Dear retarded indians – 1488 (the Aryan races land)

age : 1488

Dear fucktarted Indians; you morons must understand something. 665 more words


“Mein Kampf,” Hitler’s 1925 quasi memoir and manifesto on the “the Jewish peril,” has become a full-fledged e-book chart-topper. Across platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes, the book is wiping up the floor with more contemporary political authors. 106 more words

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Second Book

Clearly god is fictional, but he’s being included in the following example because it’s quicker to type and I haven’t done the research to see what actually happened. 598 more words


The Gospel of Evil

Given the debate here in New Zealand about Dotcom’s ownership of a signed copy of Mein Kampf, I was amused to read in the… 287 more words


Dotcom's Mein Kampf

3 news had a build up to the news tonight:


Kim Dotcom admits to owning Nazi memorabilia. @brooksabin has the exclusive report and I/V explanation at 6.

718 more words

Subhuman Mongrel

The words “subhuman mongrel” which Ted Nugent called President Barack Obama, were used by the Nazis to “justify the genocide of the Jewish community.”

“That’s what the Nazis called Jews to justify the genocide of the Jewish community,” 659 more words


Savagery for All | KUNSTLER

Savagery for All | KUNSTLER.

A glance through the annals of history tells us that the Golden Age of Ukraine occurred just as western Europe was emerging from its long, dark, post-Roman coma around the 10th and 11thcenturies, A.D. 759 more words