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How to use Custom Keyboard in Kendo UI Mobile?

I develop my mobile app in Telerik Platform, and utilizes Kendo UI, Cordova. Is there any way to use a different custom keyboard (or add, remove buttons on the keyboard) when inputing instead of the built-in keyboard for each device? 14 more words


Aye, Robot

I spent an hour or so of a lesson today learning about Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’s Robotic’s division from one of their engineer’s, Kentaro Ikeda. I think Kentaro was feeling a little tin-man himself, having arrived from Japan the previous day, but he very happily talked me through his company’s products, which, so far as he has anything to do with them, are two: the MEISTeR and the Super Giraffe. 152 more words

Student Life At OISE

SQL Server Stored Procedure's Parameter has box character ( □ )?

I call the stored procedure from an ASP.Net web service using ExecuteScalar() function. The input value from the web service is correct as I wanted, no box character. 89 more words


Keepin' it OG: Jimmy's Datsun 240Z

Back logged on the posts – mainly on purpose because I don’t have much time to shoot this weekend so I gotta make sure I spread them apart… I was also trying to get to the write up on the weekend but we had awesome weather so I was in the garage mudding, sanding, and painting trying to get it finished before winter. 1,160 more words


The Echeneis‘ – Magnetism of the North Pole -
vessel emanates a pull on fisherman & oar,
the boat itself a fish has unwittingly caught, 232 more words