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Which Frankenstein Rules?

The Frankenstein monster is perhaps the most ubiquitous horror figure of all time.  You don’t see many children dressing up as him for Halloween much anymore, but his likeness is just about everywhere, especially when it comes to movies and TV.   714 more words


Garlic: An Edible Biography (T minus 10)

Happy Halloween. While it seems logical to do a vampire post, vampires are not especially active on Halloween. Their most active times are the eves of two religious holidays: the Feast of St. 443 more words

Musicals For People Who Don't Like Musicals

Recently I saw the musical Book of Mormon in London, the stage hit by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I normally find musicals – stage or screen – nauseating, but add in some humour and they become much easier to stomach. 762 more words


Sweet Zombies, Silly Slashers Make for Un-Scary Halloween

Every film critic has at least one dirty, little secret, one genre they pretend to love but secretly loathe.

For me, that genre is horror. 1,073 more words

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Radio Interview: Hear Allan Gilbreath Tonight on The Final Cut in Movies

Tonight, Allan Gilbreath will join author M. B. Weston at 8:00 EST on her Final Cut in Movies Radio Show. They will be discussing their favorite movie spoofs, including, but not limited to Mel Brooks, Galaxy Quest, Monty Python, Spinal Tap, and many more. 32 more words

Allan Gilbreath

My love affair with Bristol

In March 1977 I plucked up courage and asked a fellow law student if she knew Mel Brooks. The fabulously mad film director had just brought out… 314 more words