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10 Great Australian Films

Australia. Land of chooks, Acca Dacca, swagmen, bogans and much more besides, including some very fine films indeed. Here, apropos of nothing and in no particular order, are ten of my favourites. 1,229 more words



So I heard something the other day that surprised me: celebrities are people too. I know, it shocked me as well! Sometimes they have good days, sometimes they have bad days. 351 more words


31 Days of Lists - October 20

Today’s list will cause you all to judge me, I’m sure. But please don’t! I’m only human! Everybody makes mistakes!

My Guilty Pleasures:

1. “Habits” by Tove Lo… 83 more words


John Carpenter and Jared Harris on acting

John Carpenter and Jared Harris sit down to talk about acting, where Carpenter acts as a moderator asking questions and gets answers about the craft from master thespian Jared Harris, son of an even bigger thespian… 51 more words


Movie Review: The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ

The first of my “raving reviews”? I think so…

I’ve wanted to see this movie for a while. It was released in theaters when I in about seventh grade, so it too graphic for my parents to allow me to see it then. 1,596 more words


Would Jesus Want to See a Cross?

A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. You think when Jesus comes back he ever wants to see a fucking cross? It’s like going up to Jackie Onassis wearing a rifle pendant. 135 more words