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Five Ways (Not) to Sightsee Solo

Even though Jeff and I are travelling together, I usually ‘take one for the team’ and do most of the sight seeing alone. For some reason, Jeff finds no pleasure in waiting an hour in line to visit crowded sites and eat in expensive tourists cafes. 1,300 more words


The Expectables...the third

Now as you know I love The Expendables films and I’m not afraid to admit it. From my previous posts on the previous two films you also know my history of this kind of action film and its stars (see… 551 more words

I Heart Films

The Expendables 3

The Expendables 3 is not a great film. It’s probably not even a good one. It does, however, have enough enjoyable moments to be entertaining. The film is critic-proof and a fine example of a movie that will only attract a core audience that already wants to see it. 1,211 more words

Jesus is "Speaking" to Me!

Now, He does not “literally” speak to me.  I don’t hear voices or anything like that.  If it should happen I would refill my prescription of industrial-strength Haldol quickly! 1,085 more words

Religion And Spirituality

It's the end of the word as we know it... Well, not really.



Experienced August 6, 2014

Two notions tend to precede Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto: The first is the notion of scrutiny for historical accuracy, to which, according to production crew accounts, great effort was given toward adherence, and the second is that of its theme, which, according to suggestions from interviews with Gibson and more than just suggestions from the epigram at the start of the film, is that of the collapse of a civilization from within due to decadence and violence. 933 more words


Braveheart: Not Quite What We'd Expect to Hear Before a Battle

Mel Gibson’s William Wallace is famous for giving a stirring speech. Before the battle of Stirling Bridge, he gives this somewhat famous speech in which he tells them that they are fighting for freedom, although he never explains what freedom means, except that it can’t be taken away. 913 more words


Talking Faith-Based Films on SCREENPLAY with Philip Martin

Screenplay is a new podcast hosted by Philip Martin, produced by Philip and print editor extrarodinaire, Karen Martin. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on the first three episodes of their soft-launch while they shake things out. 141 more words