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Rothenburger — Ajax firmly stitched into the fabric of everyday life in Kamloops

COLUMN — The extent to which Ajax now permeates life in the Tournament Capital came into focus this week.

There wasn’t a day when it wasn’t in the news, for a range of reasons. 740 more words


Rothenburger — Options for performing arts centre may come down to zero

COLUMN — How many possible sites do you think there are for a new performing arts centre?

Pick a card. Two? Three? Four?

Or maybe none? 558 more words


Rothenburger — 67, and still asked for ID at the beer garden

COLUMN — Donna Martin looks young for her age but it’s been a long time since she was asked for photo ID to have a drink. 833 more words


Rothenburger — Great coffee, Mounties, CBC and Canada Day

COLUMN — The thing I like best about Canada Day is that it makes me stop and think about why I love my country, and my community. 673 more words


Rothenburger — Teachers might come back in vogue some day

COLUMN — Regional district director Ken Gillis was in fine fettle Friday, if you’ll excuse the alliteration.

Jim Anderson and Colin O’Leary of Venture Kamloops were at a TNRD workshop explaining a new regional economic study they’re setting up. 638 more words


Rothenburger — A silent protest, a consumer decision

COLUMN — I boycotted Dairyland this week. Sort of. I spent an extra few cents and bought a carton of Blackwell Dairy’s one-per-cent instead.

Boycotting is not something I’m given to do. 672 more words


Not going to war can be an act of bravery, too

COLUMN — Somebody asked me just the other day if my father was in the war.

I don’t know how we got talking about the Second World War, or about my father, but people assume if somebody was in his 20s or 30s when the war was on, he must have been a soldier. 577 more words