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ROTHENBURGER — One word makes big difference in stop signs

COLUMN — Bilingual stop signs aren’t such a bad idea.

They aren’t meaningless. They aren’t token.

Some people, judging by conversations on social media, think they are. 630 more words


Rothenburger — The state of media in Kamloops, a year later

COLUMN — I miss my daily newspaper. I miss it every day.  I still miss that walk down the driveway to find it in the tube — sometimes wet and soggy, but still a thing of joy to hold.  913 more words


Rothenburger — Don Cameron's life of courage and loyalty

COLUMN — Canada lost a patriot and Kamloops lost a good citizen this week with the passing of Don Cameron.

Don was a consummate Conservative who took his love of country and politics to Ottawa when he served briefly as our Member of Parliament in 1979-80. 581 more words


Rothenburger — Frootloops council adjourns for Christmas

COLUMN — It’s Christmas eve and, right on cue, a gentle snowfall covers Frootloops in a blanket of white. Frootloops councillors are anxious to get home to await the arrival of St. 550 more words


Rothenburger — Why sappy Christmas movies are a threat to world peace

COLUMN — One of the curses of this holiday season is the annual onslaught of what we, in our house, call “sappy Christmas movies.”

You know the ones — made for TV, plot in which stressed-out people find true love and end up together on Christmas, preferably with an unbelievably cute and precocious child (or, on occasion, a rebellious teenager who figures it all out and becomes a model young citizen). 662 more words