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After many recommendations from friends, I finally visited the historical town of Melaka. During my stay I was fortunate enough to meet professional wanderer, artist and chef extraordinaire, … 125 more words


Malaysia: The Land of Squatting Toilets, Ridiculous Trishaws, and No Sidewalks

Guys, it’s official. I’ve been in Southeast Asia for more than a month now! My apartment is finally, FINALLY livable, I ran my first chemistry lab, and, as of this weekend, I made my first trip out of the country. 1,543 more words


in prayer for mh

just two weeks ago, i worshipped at christ church melaka

where we were still praying for those affected by mh370. it is terrible to hear now of mh17, where the premise is ridiculous enough, and each subsequent news story more preposterous than the one before. 87 more words


Photo Friday: St. Paul's Wall

One of the major tourist attractions in Melaka is St. Paul’s, an abandoned church that features a few old gravestones propped up along its walls.


Running in the Family: Malacca

After my time in KL, I headed south to visit the coastal town of Malacca. It is a coastal town in Malaysia to the south west of KL and took me about 2 hours to get here by road. 838 more words


Getting to Know Malaysia

For millennia, spices were valued as highly as gold and silver — sometimes higher. Their lucrative trade drove world leaders to wage wars, inspired the Age of Exploration, established vast empires, and helped to create an early form of globalization. 290 more words