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On the lighter side of things...

A warm sunny day after a long and hard winter. The colors of spring. A smile on the face of a random stranger walking by on the street. 114 more words

Hidden Beneath Human Flesh

They cut the ghost off the fragile wooden beam. So strange to see it fall to the ground – lifeless, sad, and lonely.

Such a hardship to be the only one of your kind. 102 more words


black paint

I painted black the butterflies

That flew around my head

I painted black the warming light

Tried everything, to forget

I painted black my wildest dreams… 38 more words


Poetry Series: The written script of a spoken word poem

Not I. Not I.

In a field of endless summer blooms

framed and hedged by spring trees

fresh and blossoming, blowing in the wind,

Laughter fills the air. 376 more words


My Winter Song To You

I just heard this song in one of my favourite series and thought it fits well with the current season. The “Winter Song” is originally by Sara Bareilles and has been released in 2008 – a quite old but very beautiful and melancholic song. 204 more words


Sounds of December

Crinkling leaves beneath the plodding steps of a tired student during finals. The sounds of birds vanquished by the crisp cool air. Silence so heavy, just as the weight of life’s challenge and ever present pressure pushes down on the students mind. 220 more words