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I'm not okay with this

The view isn’t bad. I’ve always been the one that stares at a rainy street, or a light illuminating the green surrounds. There’s a beauty there in what’s constructed, or inside the average, mundane presence of the world. 1,230 more words


A moment of lost faith

Isn’t this a cruel , cruel, world… ?
There is only madness for tears,
and sadness for laughter,
why is there so much sorrow…?
So much hurt and pain…? 19 more words

Angus & Julia Stone - For You

Angus & Julia Stone are an Australian brother-sister duo that focuses on acoustic/folk music. They have accompanied many of my melancholic states throughout the years. If you are not familiar with them whatsoever, I highly recommend you check out their two albums! 13 more words


Sigh, It's True

Someone told me once I have a sanguine personality, and I had to look it up to see what it meant. Later, I contributed to a 2012 article Katie Weiland posted about writer personalities, in which I described what it’s like being a “ 615 more words


Типове темперамент

Човешката личност е нещо изключително разнообразно и многолико. Не съществуват две напълно еднакви личности и всеки опит на психолозите, които се занимават с изследване на личността, да направят някакъв тип класификации винаги довежда до „окастряне” на индивидуалните особености на всеки индивид. 8 more words