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Bicara tentang hati

Allah. Allah. Allah.

Hati ini lembut sungguh

Terguris itu lumrah

Cuba untuk jadi gagah

Tiada daya

Hati menangis tanpa rasa

Perlukah (?)

Tatkala hati terikat dengan dunia dan isinya… 36 more words


"Lost Princess"

Why did I choose this name for my blog?

Actually, I don’t know. Actually, I’m not into girlie things. Well, I often act more like a girl than a woman … but this has nothing to do with the name. 30 more words

Poem / Poetry - "Breathing Stone"

Good evening everyone.

I’m trying a little experiment tonight – this is a departure from my usual style and is a bit more obscure – hope you like it and find it interesting. 173 more words


A letter to Hayaam.

Dear Hayaam,

When will we talk about something else?

Delhi. Landlocked. Extreme heat and Extreme cold weather. Hostile People. Hostile people dying  and animals going aggressive because of the crazy weather.

844 more words

Our house

Our house no longer lives
or breathes the way it used to.
We have dissected it to the point of no return.

Its doors are creaky, 70 more words

Single | Oscar And the Wolf "Strange Entity"

“Strange Entity” is the new single from rising talent Oscar And The Wolf in which he delivers a unique and brilliant sound of melancholy wrapped in a haze of electronica, which feels like a personal insight into Max’s heart and soul. 34 more words