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five hundred four

No words can enhance
the South Pacific night time
skies. Why even try?

Taveuni, Fiji

Melinda Green Harvey

Some minor censorship

Even with half the sign missing, I think its intent is very clear and I did, in fact, EP T!

Hernandez, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014


five hundred three

Rust’s lovely colors,
patterns can only mask the
certain destruction.

Hart Camp, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey

Window fan

There was a time when I would have found that electric fan in the church window to be a distraction. That time may or may not have been relatively recent. 23 more words


five hundred two

On this site, winning
warriors ate their enemies,
seasoned with breadfruit.

Wairiki, Fiji

(Really: read about it here.)

Melinda Green Harvey

Love Forever

My shooting partner for the day mused, “I wonder how long ‘forever’ lasted?”

Not as long as the scar on the tree was our best estimate. 9 more words


five hundred one

El Matamoros:
signs banished to that side yard.
Where are the tacos?

Uhland, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey