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The carved wooden hearts are decorated with milagros, folk art charms which are used in the Americas and whose use can be traced back through Spanish explorers and missionaries to ancient Iberians. 64 more words


five hundred ten

Maybe I am one -
a pedestrian walking
urban streets at dusk.

Chicago, Illinois

Melinda Green Harvey

Selling at the Plaza

Because I thought you’d want to know:

In accordance with Santa Fe City Ordinance No. 2007-48, a limited number of licenses may be issued by the City for vendors on the historic Santa Fe plaza.

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five hundred nine

Cold and wind kept me
from looking around the back.
Sometimes that happens.

near Sharon, Michigan

Melinda Green Harvey

A question of width

I won’t lie: I wanted this shot because of “battery’s.”  

But now, the thing that interests me the most is the way that garage door seems to be wider than the building. 10 more words


five hundred eight

Arch-topped openings -
pretty fancy for building’s
alley side facade.

Amherst, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey

The shadows reveal all

The low morning sun lit the wall of this metal building, revealing all the irregularities in the panels. At midday it would have had a completely different look to it.

Roswell, New Mexico
photographed 5.10.2014