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Scandal Episode 409: Where the Sun Don't Shine

Olivia’s Face-Off & Cyrus’ Epic Downfall

The Scandal Winter finale played out like a Shakespearean tragedy with Olivia’s face-off with her dad and Cyrus’ public humiliation once the press learns about his affair with a male prostitute. 1,528 more words


Is This Sunset for Olivia Pope?

Have we sipped enough red and choked on our popcorn yet? Maybe we are still watching and wondering what is going on at Middleton College? Whether you are on facebook or tweeting, excitement was part of tonight’s ride and despite what people think of Shonda, she still knows how to leave you hanging. 733 more words


Sex and The Naked Vagina

Brooklyn and I were having our regular girly, whiny text session one Sunday evening when the subject of sex and the holidays came up. It was inevitable I suppose. 448 more words

Being Sadie May

A Dangerous Game

Olivia has started to get late night calls again. One was so hot , we had to fan ourselves after hearing Tony Goldwyn describe what he would do for his Livvy.Now her and Fitz team up with Jake to bring down Poppa Pope… 449 more words


A Woman Caught Between Two Men-But There's Hope

You gotta say this much for Olivia when she sets out to do something , she does it. Her nights are filled with dreams of the island and the two  men she loves. 517 more words


Jake Gets A Can of Whoop Ass - POTUS Style

 It was definitely a night for POTUS fans!!! From the beginning of the show, until the end, we were strapped in and ready for a ride. 724 more words