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Scandal 3.11: Ride, Sally, Ride

The second half of season three, after taking a two and half month break, puts us right in the middle of Fitz’ re-election campaign. But Fitz is not the only character with his eyes on the Oval House. 1,688 more words


Scandal S4E4 Roundtable: Smelly Mellie

By Josh Axelrod, Anamika Roy and David Oliver 

Well that was an incredibly frustrating episode. Besides one of the dumbest relapses ever, it was a reminder that this is a show full of comically unlikeable characters. 1,499 more words

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Scandal Episode 403 Inside the Bubble

Scandal Inside the Bubble

Scandal’s third episode shows things improving nicely for the Grant White House. The court upholds the President’s gun control bill, Mellie snaps out of her grief and Cyrus gets his groove back even if he does have to pay for it. 1,307 more words


Day 15: More Strange Behaviour

It was raining a lot today and Natasha said something about needing to work on other things and that I needed a break from walking so I could process. 260 more words

Mellie's Adventures

Day 14: Being Polite

I think I’m starting to understand all this walking stuff. When I have my harness on I’m not allowed to sniff or visit with anyone but if I have my collar people are allowed to pet me and I’m allowed to sniff around. 252 more words

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Day 13: People are so confusing

Today we did something rather different. Natasha didn’t put my harness on me at all but we still went for a walk. We walked to a new place and if I was polite people would pet me but if I tried to jump up they ignored me and walked away. 140 more words

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10 Things on my Mind after Scandal Season 4 Premiere "Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia"

Oh but Yes babay!!!!!!! It’s that time y’all. SHONDA THURSDAY!!!!!!!!! I was ready willing and able!!! I was not overwhelmed by this episode but I realize that Shonda had to lay some new groundwork in light of Olivia deserting her Gladiators ( I guess “Over a Cliff” didn’t apply to “Over an Ocean”) and Columbus beating people up in bars and getting fired. 561 more words